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Top-scoring Best Buy dishwasher revealed by new Which? group test

But another model works so poorly it's a Don’t Buy

Smeg DF4SS

Is Smeg’s DF4SS-1 our latest Best Buy dishwasher? Or could it be a Don’t Buy?

Our latest round of dishwasher testing has uncovered one of the best models we’ve ever tested – but also one of the worst.

We put dishwashers from big brands Bosch, Miele, Smeg and Whirlpool through our rigorous series of tests, including a cleaning challenge to clear baked-on grime from a mixed load of cutlery and crockery. We also assessed how much energy and water they use, how user-friendly they are and how much noise they make. 

A good dishwasher will leave your dishes sparkling clean, bone dry and free from streaks and smears. One newly tested model does the job so well we’ve named it a Best Buy. 

Head straight to our new to discover which model it is.

A dishwasher to avoid

Another dishwasher we tested did such an abysmal job of cleaning that we’ve named it a Don’t Buy. It fail to thoroughly dry the items inside and made a lot of noise while it worked. 

In fact, its only redeeming quality was its energy efficiency – but that will be cold comfort if you find yourself re-washing and drying every load by hand. Its dismal score of just 35% means it joins five other models in our dishwashers hall of shame. 

Our Don’t Buy dishwashers page reveals the full list of models to avoid.

Bosch or Miele dishwasher?

Our group test included models from brands Bosch and Miele, which are both popular with Which? members. Both the Bosch SMS88TW01G and the Miele G4920SC have a range of handy features, including childproof door locks and anti-flood devices. 

We’ve been impressed by several models from both Bosch and Miele in the past, but no brand can be relied upon to produce consistently superior machines. Take a look at our Bosch dishwasher brand guide and Miele brand guide for an overview of dishwashers from these two manufacturers, or head straight to our Bosch dishwasher reviews or Miele dishwasher reviews depending on which brand you feel is best for you.

Dishwashers on test

The full list of dishwashers we’ve just reviewed and rated is below. Prices are correct as of 6 March 2015 – click the links below to read our full reviews and see today’s best prices for each from around the web.

Full-sized freestanding dishwashers

Bosch SMS88TW01G – £690
Miele G4920SC – £610
Whirlpool ADP900IX – £500

Slimline dishwasher

Smeg DF4SS-1 – £478

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