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Add clothes while your washing machine is on

New Samsung AddWash lets you add laundry mid-cycle

Samsung Addwash washing machine

The Samsung Addwash lets you add clothes mid-cycle

Leave no sock behind with the new Samsung WW8500 Addwash washing machine, which lets you add clothes during a wash cycle.

There’s nothing more frustrating than walking away from your freshly-started washing machine to find a stray sock halfway down the stairs – and the door locked for the rest of the cycle. 

But a new Samsung washing machines has a solution for that problem – a innovative door-in-the-door that makes it easy to add a piece of forgotten laundry to the wash mid-cycle.

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The Samsung Addwash WW8500

Research conducted by Samsung found that 90% of Europeans say they want to add more clothes to their wash after the cycle has started, but they’re not sure how, or indeed if, they can open the door once a wash is underway.

Washing machine door locks stop you from creating accidental floods by locking the door once the water is higher than the door drum opening.

The Samsung AddWash has an extra door in the upper part of the main door that makes it possible to add any missed clothing – and even extra detergent or fabric softener – at any point during the wash cycle.

All you need to do is push the ‘Pause’ button, which opens the extra door, allowing you to add an extra sock, jumper or even a pair of jeans.

Samsung washing machines on test

The new Samsung Addwash WW8500 has only just been launched and will take a while to reach the shops, but Which? has tested a number of other Samsung washing machines. 

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