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Best boiler cover provider revealed

See which boiler cover topped our latest survey


We’ve found stark differences between the best and worst boiler cover brands

We asked customers of the biggest boiler cover brands to rate their service so we can tell you which to choose. Find out who topped our survey, which included big names such as British Gas, Npower, AA, SSE and Worcester. 

Our survey revealed a 36% difference between the top and the lowest-scoring providers. This means you can use our results to make sure you pick a provider that won’t let you down. 

We asked over 10,000 Which? members to rate different aspects of their cover, including value for money and customer service. So if you want peace of mind in case your boiler packs in over winter, our unique research will help you choose the best cover to get your home cosy again.

Find the best boiler cover and compare policies by heading to our boiler servicing contract reviews.

Boiler cover providers compared

There are stark differences between the service you’ll get from the best and worst boiler cover providers, our latest satisfaction survey has revealed. 

The provider that topped our survey achieved a customer score of 77%. By contrast, the worst provider scored just 41%. 

This year’s winner was rated five out of five across the board by its customers for value for money, customer service, repair response time and ease of arranging an annual service. 

To find out which provider topped our survey with the happiest customers, and for all of the latest results, visit boiler cover companies rated.

We’ve included only policies that come with an annual service, as experts recommend that you should have your boiler serviced annually to keep it in good condition. 

Is boiler cover worth the money?

Of those of you who told us you had a boiler servicing contract, most of you said that peace of mind was your main reason for taking it out, along with the fact that it included an annual service.

Although a good provider offering low premiums can help to limit stress if your boiler does breakdown, we’ve found that boiler cover is not often cost effective overall.

While a boiler servicing contract costs £245 a year on average, according to the Which? members we spoke to, the average cost of a one-off boiler service is only £70. So if your boiler doesn’t need repairing in the first six years – which the majority of the most reliable boilers don’t – you’d pay an average of £1,190 over the odds*.  

In fact, when we looked at the likelihood of saving money with a boiler cover, we found that less than 3% of members were financially better off with a boiler servicing contract.

*(Figures are based on the average amount paid by those who needed repairs in the last year [£210], the average cost of an annual service [£70] and the average cost of a boiler servicing contract [£245].)

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