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Top five baby monitors of 2015

Revealed: baby monitor stars of the last 12 months

Motorola was the most popular baby monitor model on Which.co.uk in the last 12 months, with BT baby monitors taking three more spaces in our top five and Philips Avent nicking the number four spot.

A baby monitor is one of the most useful pieces of baby kit to have according to parents we surveyed in Spring 2015.

We’ve rounded up the top five most popular baby monitor reviews.

This handy top five shows the most viewed products from our baby monitor reviews.

But popularity doesn’t automatically equal brilliant baby monitor performance. No one wants a baby monitor that you can’t rely on, or where the signal is so bad you can’t get more than a few steps away from your baby’s cot without the signal cutting out.

Find out below which of these popular models have a great battery life, which drop their signal after a few metres and, more importantly, which ones have the clearest sound and the best picture quality, so you can easily tell when your baby needs you.

Top five popular baby monitors

Motorola MBP36SThe Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor has a pan and tilt camera

1. Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor, £160

The Motorola  MBP36S was our most popular baby monitor in 2015. It lets parents remotely control the baby unit video camera – handy if you have a wriggly child to keep track of. It also claims ‘crystal-clear’ two-way sound, background noise suppression, reduced wi-fi interference and increased battery life – but it’s not a cheap monitor.

Find out whether the Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor review equals its popularity.

Browse all our Motorola baby monitors reviews.

bt digital baby monitor 300x200BT 300 digital baby monitor costs around £40

2. BT Digital Baby Monitor 300, £40

BT baby monitors are very popular. They’re usually packed with features including fun added extras, such as celestial starry lightshows, a night light, lullabies and two-way talk back. This audio-only monitor from BT is reasonably cheap, and that alone may be why it’s been one of the most viewed reviews on our site. But can you rely on the BT 300 to alert you when your baby is crying?

Our expert lab tests reveals how well it keeps signal and if the battery life is good or poor.

Read our full review of the BT Digital Baby Monitor 300.

Check our all our BT baby monitors reviews.

BT Video baby monitor 7500BT’s 7500 Video baby monitor has a large colour screen and twinkly lightshow

3. BT 7000 Video Baby Monitor, £150

Our First Look of the BT 7000 video baby monitor was the third most viewed baby monitor review on which.co.uk. We’ve since tested the BT7500 which is similar, but comes with a bigger camera unit, plus a nightlight and starry lightshow, as well as a range of sounds and music to help soothe your little one. You can move the camera about and zoom into the image to get a close up of your sleeping bubba.

Will this video baby monitor last all night? We’ll tell you in our BT 7500 Video Baby Monitor review.

Philips baby monitor SCD603The Philips SCD603 video baby monitor comes with lullabies and night-vision

4. Philips Avent SCD603/1, £160

This Philips video baby monitor comes with a 2.4-inch colour screen, automatic infra-red for use at night and remote-controlled lullabies, but isn’t packed with lots of extra features like other video baby monitors are. Does it do the basics well and is the picture clear enough to see your baby?

Before you buy, read our full review of the Philips Avent SCD603/1 baby monitor and see.

Browse all our Philips Avent baby monitors reviews.

BT 350 baby monitorThe BT 350 baby monitor has a starry lightshow and lullabies

5. BT Digital Baby Monitor 350, £70

A hat-trick of popular BT baby monitors in this year’s top five is completed with the audio-only BT 350. Like many of the other BT baby monitors, this model includes a starry night show, white noise, nature sounds and lullabies to help soothe your little one while he or she drops off to sleep (hopefully!).

Our testing reveals how well the batteries will last and if you can go about your daily routine without worrying if the signal will drop out.

We reveal if the BT Digital Baby Monitor 350 is a Best Buy baby monitor or not.

Best baby monitors

These baby monitors are the ones with the most views in 2015, but that doesn’t mean they are the best baby monitors.

If you’re after those that topped our Which? tests, head to our top five best baby monitors 

These are the pick of the bunch and our top scoring baby monitors.

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