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Are green energy companies any good?

The green energy companies that offer top service

Green energy

Good Energy and Ecotricity are keeping their customers happy

Green energy companies have more to offer than just renewable energy. Two companies that offer 100% renewable energy are in the top seven providers in our survey of UK energy customers.

Every year, we survey* UK energy customers to find out what they think of their energy company. Out of 22 companies, Good Energy came second with a customer score of 81% and Ecotricity came third with a score of 77%.

But not all companies that have green credentials are rated as highly by their customers. So make sure you check our energy company reviews if you want to know more about an energy company.

We reveal the best and worst energy companies. 

Good Energy and Ecotricity 

Clearly, Good Energy and Ecotricity are offering something more than zero emission energy. Our survey revealed that they also offer their customers great customer service, are good at dealing with complaints and their customers think they help them to save energy. 

Both providers source their energy from a mix of wind, hydro, biogas and solar. They also invest in, and build, new renewable energy generators. 

Good Energy sources its energy from smaller UK solar and wind power stations, including heritage projects in collaboration with the National Trust. Ecotricity invests in electric vehicle technology and has built electric vehicle charging stations around the country, which are free to use if you have an electric car.

If you’re thinking of switching to a green energy company, check whether it offers the best tariff for your budget. Use our independent switching site to compare tariffs – go to Which? Switch

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Who else offers green energy?

Good Energy and Ecotricity aren’t the only energy companies to offer green tariffs.

Green Star Energy sources 99% of its energy from renewable sources. It also offers a 100% renewable energy tariff that’s currently cheaper than other green energy company tariff on the market. 

LoCo2 sources 40% of its energy from its own hydropower stations and plan to invest in more. M&S Energy has also gone green, sourcing its energy from existing Scottish hydropower. 

The top-scoring company from our survey, Ovo Energy, has moved towards greener energy by dropping coal from its energy mix and replacing it with energy from gas power stations. 

Gas energy production emits around half as much carbon dioxide of coal, so it produces less emissions, but is certainly not carbon free.

To find out what each energy company’s customers think of it, and to discover where the providers get their fuel from, click energy companies reviewed.

*(Survey: 8,902 UK energy customers, October 2015.)

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