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Best Buy dishwasher tops latest Which? tests

New reviews from Bosch, Hoover, Zanussi and more

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A good dishwasher should be easy to load and unload

Dishwashers from Bosch, Hoover, Smeg, Zanussi, Siemens and Ikea all featured in our latest dishwasher tests. Some got dishes impeccably clean, others left them grimy and foul. Just one was named a Best Buy.

The Best Buy dishwasher is a good all-rounder that’s great at removing dirt, even better at drying and so energy efficient that it earned our Energy Saver label. Head to our Best Buy dishwashers for all the details. 

From the other models we tested, there were some which – although not quite Best Buys – will do you a good job. Read our dishwasher reviews to find out which ones we’re talking about. 

Do more features mean cleaner dishes?

Some dishwashers come packed to the brim with extra features and those we’ve just tested include plenty. 

The Hoover HLSI 762GT WIFI-80 is a smart dishwasher, meaning you can control some of its functions via its Wizard app. It’s part of a full suite of Hoover wi-fi appliances, including a washing machine and fridge. 

The Bosch SPV40C10GB/01 boasts a heat-exchanger, which pre-heats the water to protect glasses and porcelain from temperature shocks. Compare it to other Bosch models using our Bosch dishwasher reviews.

Similarly, the Siemens SN66M050GB/98 uses glassCare technology, which the manufacturer claims washes delicate glasses extra carefully. Both the Siemens SN66M050GB/9 and the Ikea Medelstor 202.993.63 are equipped with sensors which detect how dirty the load is and adjust the water cycle accordingly. 

If all those extra features sound just too much of a faff, take a look at our review of the Zanussi ZDI22001XA, which is marketed as ‘simple and straightforward’. Compare it to other dishwashers from Zanussi, courtesy of our Zanussi dishwasher reviews.

What makes a good dishwasher?

A good dishwasher should leave your kitchenware immaculately clean and bone dry. It should be easy to load, keep your electricity bills in check and shouldn’t cause such a racket that you can’t watch TV while it’s running. 

We put all our dishwashers through the same rigorous tests to make sure we only recommend the cream of the crop. 

We stack each one with dishes coated in food such as milk, minced meat, tea, eggs and spinach and we add in some clean plates to test whether the dishwasher spreads dirt onto them during the cycle. 

We see how easy each machine is to load, and whether it can accommodate long-stemmed wine glasses and large plates. 

We assess the instruction manuals that come with each dishwasher to see how easy they are to understand and we measure how much noise each dishwasher makes. 

Latest dishwashers on test

Follow the links below to read our full reviews and see current prices. 

Full-sized, fully-integrated dishwashers

Hoover HLSI 762GT WIFI-80 – £449

Siemens SN66M050GB/98 – £627

Full-sized semi-integrated dishwashers

Zanussi ZDI22001XA – £359

Full-sized freestanding dishwashers

Smeg SDC122W-1 – £250

Slimline fully-integrated dishwashers

Bosch SPV40C10GB/01 – £368

Hotpoint LSTB 4B00UK – £230

Ikea Medelstor 202.993.63 – £300

Prices correct as of 2 February 2016

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