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Best baby monitors for your garden

How to avoid signal drop from nursery to backyard

mother in garden with baby monitor

Many baby monitors have poor range from nursery to garden

With warmer evenings you might want to be out in the garden while your baby is sleeping inside, so you’ll need a baby monitor with a strong enough signal. But more than half the baby monitors we tested in 2015 struggled with longer distances from inside to out.

You may not be spending too much time outdoors this weekend, but with what we can only hope is a temporary cold snap, you’ll be back in the garden barbecuing in no time. We’ve tested baby monitors from brands including BT, Samsung and Philips on the strength of their range from inside to outside, so our baby monitor reviews can tell you which ones will be suitable for taking out into the garden while your little one is asleep in the house.

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How far do baby monitors work?

Looking at range from inside to outside, an average baby monitor will manage about 60m without losing signal. A good baby monitor will reach 80m or more, and poorly performing ones – including two that we tested in 2015 will drop out at 15-20m – not that far if you have a decent-sized house and garden.

58% of the baby monitors we tested in 2015 dropped signal before 50m, with 25% losing signal less than 25m from the baby unit.

Measuring baby monitors’ range

Many manufacturers make bold claims about the signal range of their baby monitors, but these claims are based on unrealistic conditions, that is, with both receivers outside in open space – so unless you’re monitoring your baby on the other side of an empty football pitch, this isn’t much use.

Some models we’ve found have particularly poor range from indoors to outside, even if they’re okay within the house. Make sure you think about how you want to use your baby monitor when looking at our reviews, as we give ratings for range inside a house as well as from inside to outside. 

Parents have told us the most important things when buying a baby monitor are signal strength and battery life – so check the star ratings for both in our reviews.

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