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Four new Best Buy dishwashers

Latest models from Bosch and other brands on test


A decent dishwasher makes all the difference when clearing up after a summer party

With spring in the air, and summer fast approaching (we hope), chances are you’ll be hosting a garden party or barbecue. Invest in a decent dishwasher and you needn’t dread the big clear up.

After a day of basking in the sunshine, the last thing you feel like doing is getting stuck into a sink full of dishes. And if you own a dishwasher then you shouldn’t have to. But buy a substandard model that doesn’t clean properly and you’ll need to don the rubber gloves anyway when your dishwasher leaves barbecue bits behind on your plates and pots. 

Luckily we’ve uncovered four new Best Buy dishwashers that will help you minimise the mess and get your dishes back in the cupboard in no time. 

Find the best dishwasher for you by checking out our dishwasher Best Buys

Energy saving dishwashers

We tested eight dishwashers, including models from Bosch, Blomberg, Kenwood, Neff and Siemens. Of the four which were up to our Best Buy benchmark, two work so efficiently they’ve earned our Energy Saver label too. 


Get bright, shiny plates with a Best Buy dishwasher

An inefficient dishwasher can add £70 to your yearly energy bill – on top of water rates, detergent and the price of the dishwasher itself. An efficient one, on the other hand, might cost you just £32 a year. Consider the running costs when deciding on a dishwasher and you’ll save hundreds in the long run. 

Although most dishwashers have an official A-rating for energy efficiency, our tests have found huge differences in the way they use water and energy. Look out for dishwashers with a Which? energy rating of at least four stars. 

Our two latest Energy Savers are excellent with water and energy on the main setting, and very good or excellent on the main setting.

Dishwashers to avoid

At the other end of the scale, our recent tests have revealed a dishwasher to steer clear of. It’s noisy – gurgling and gushing and sloshing its way through the cycle. It’s tricky to stack and to programme, and it leaves items unsupported: saucers even slipped through gaps in the upper rack and smashed on the floor during our testing.

Worst of all, it doesn’t even clean well – so, if you do manage to get all your items safely in, it’ll all be in vain anyway. 

Buy this one and you’ll be resorting to paper plates next time you throw a party.

Use our dishwashers reviews to find out which one we’re talking about.

Dishwashers on test

Click on the links below to read the reviews of each dishwasher. 

Blomberg LDFS1110W – £250
Bosch SMS53M02GB
– £329
Bosch SMV40C30GB – £379
Bosch SMV53L00GB – £387
Kenwood KDW60W15 – £300
Neff S51L43X0GB – £399
Neff S58T40X0GB– £399
Siemens SN26M232GB– £400

Prices correct as of 8 June 2016

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