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Potty training tips for summer

Five need-to-knows for this messy milestone

potty training

Arm yourself with the essentials to make potty training easier

It’s the season for picnics and Pimms, but also – less glamorously – for potties. Many parents choose to time potty training for the summer months, and if you’re one of them, we’ve got five essentials you should have on hand to see you through.

1. The potty training lowdown

Our expert guide to potty training contains all the information you need to tackle this tricky new stage. Read through our guide on how to potty train to find out when to start potty training, get potty training tips and find out about different methods.

It may not always be a smooth process, so if you’re running into trouble, have a look at common potty training issues to find out what other parents found hard, and some solutions.

Boys may start potty training later than girls and might need more time to master it – this is normal, so don’t fret, and read through potty training boys vs potty training girls to find out all you need to know about dealing with the differences.

There’s also a plethora of products out there for this stage – to get some ideas of what to add to your shopping list, browse through the different potty types and pull up pants you can buy in our guide to potty training products.

2. A Best Buy washing machine

No matter how well the potty training goes, there’s bound to be some accidents along the way. The last thing you need in the face of an increasing washing pile is a machine that will struggle to remove stains, and leave your laundry sopping wet so it takes forever to dry.

Head straight to our Best Buy washing machines to find the perfect one for a growing family.

3. Effective laundry detergent

Once you’ve got a great machine, you’ll need the best laundry detergent to use with it. And since you’ll probably be powering through a bit more of it, we’ve found cheaper supermarket laundry detergents that do a better job than more expensive branded products.

The less stress there is surrounding accidents, the smoother the potty training process will be.

Have a look at our washing powder and laundry detergent reviews to arm yourself.

Pile of nappies

You may need to return to nappies – especially for nights

4. A backup supply of nappies

Don’t ditch the nappies too soon. Throughout the potty training process, you’re likely to have to continue using nappies at night even when your child has mastered using the potty during the day.

Potty training regression can also happen, wherein your child starts having accidents again after you thought it was all done and dusted. It’s no need for panic, but you might need to look into the causes for regression, and have a few nappies on hand for emergencies.

Find out which are the best disposable nappy brands before heading back to nappy shopping.

5. A stiff drink (to commiserate or celebrate)

When everything’s said and done, a cold gin drink may be just the tonic. We’ve got reviews for that too: find out which is the best gin according to our panel of experts. Relax, and sip.

Or if your little one has perfected potty training and you fancy bubbles to celebrate your bubba, check out our pick of the best prosecco.

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