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Should you buy your next fridge from Ikea?

Or would you be better off with a Beko?

A picture of a sleek fridge, built in to a cupboard in the kitchen.

Just because a fridge looks the part, doesn’t mean it can chill quickly and efficiently. Our reviews tell you how good they really are.

What do you think when you hear the name Ikea? Flat-pack furniture? Mattresses? Swedish meatballs, perhaps? Fridges probably aren’t the first things that pop into your head. But is that about to change?

For the first time in recent years, we’ve tested some Ikea fridges – with mixed results. Read on for our verdict, as well as our thoughts on a fancy, multi-door fridge freezer from Beko.

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Built-in fridges from Ikea

We’ve just tested three built-in fridges from Ikea, all manufactured by Hotpoint. Two cost less than £300, while the third costs double that.

One of the fridges only just missed out on being a Best Buy. Its rapid chilling should help to prevent harmful bacteria from thriving, meaning your food is likely to stay fresher for longer. It’s really efficient, too, so you might be pleasantly surprised when you see your energy bill.

However, another Ikea fridge was poor, scoring just 50% in our tests. It’s slow to chill, and you’ll need to watch out when there’s a heat wave. Hot temperatures outside push up the temperature in your fridge, which could make your food spoil faster.

Make sure you pick up the first fridge and not the second, by reading our Ikea fridge reviews.

Multi-door fridge freezers

If you’re looking for a sleek new fridge freezer, then you might want to consider a multi-door model, which means it has more than two doors. 

Wondering why you need more than two doors on a fridge freezer? Well, with the Beko CFF6873GX you get a fridge on the top and a freezer on the bottom – so far so normal. But there’s also a drawer sandwiched in the middle, which can be used either as a fridge or as a freezer. So, you can use it as a fridge to store your groceries in the run up to Christmas, and then use it to freeze all your leftovers afterwards.

But fancy features don’t guarantee quick and efficient chilling and freezing. Read our review of the Beko CFF6873CX to find out if it’s worth its £600 price tag.

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Blomberg SOM9673P – £430, freestanding (tall)
Ikea Avkyld – £250, built-in (in-column)
Ikea Frostig – £600, built-in (tall)
Ikea Svalna – £250 built-in (under-counter)
Zanussi ZQA14031DA
– £280, built-in (under-counter)
Zanussi ZRA40102WA
– £319, freestanding (tall)

Fridge freezers

Beko CFF6873GX – £599, freestanding (multi-door)
Beko GNE60520X
– £1,000, freestanding (multi-door)
John Lewis JLBIFF1808 – £799, built-in (tall)
John Lewis JLFFW1701
– £479, freestanding (tall)
Zanussi ZBB27640SA – £599, built-in (tall)

Prices are correct as of June 2016.

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