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Updated: 5 May 2022

Best integrated fridges for 2022

Want a fridge that blends seamlessly with your built-in kitchen? See our Best Buys and get advice on choosing the best integrated fridge.
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A quality fridge that can be concealed behind a unit is perfect for anyone wanting to keep their kitchen looking sleek. But while the best integrated models will chill quickly and run efficiently, some of the worst fridges will cost a fortune and struggle to maintain a stable temperature.

Keep reading to find out which fridges passed our tough tests with flying colours, plus find out how to choose the perfect fridge for your household's needs.

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Best integrated fridges

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  • 83%
    • best buy

    This is the best integrated under-counter fridge we've reviewed, by no small margin. It had a near flawless run through our tough tests, showcasing exceptional chilling speed and impressive temperature stability. It's not the most energy efficient fridge around, and there are cheaper alternatives that scored well in our tests, but if your budget extends this far then this one is hard to beat.

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  • 79%
    • best buy

    This is an integrated fridge with an ice box that chills quickly and keeps its contents cool even when the room temperatures begin to fluctuate, thanks to its extremely accurate thermostat. It's not cheap, but if it's within your budget, you won't be disappointed.

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  • 78%
    • best buy

    This is a good fridge for your food: its reliable thermostat makes it easy to set up and it's ultra-fast at cooling, helping to keep food fresher for longer. It's not without fault, and could be more energy efficient, but it's well-priced for a tall integrated model.

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  • 76%
    • best buy

    This impressive tall integrated fridge chills quickly and has plenty of features, including a super-cool function and a door alarm. Temperature stability in warm rooms is fairly average, but it's excellent in colder rooms. It also has an accurate thermostat, so you can relax knowing your food is chilled at the temperature you've set the fridge to.

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  • 75%
    • best buy
    • eco buy

    The first integrated fridge to earn our Eco Buy recommendation, this model is highly efficient for its size. It also chills food quickly and excels at maintaining a stable temperature in cold rooms.

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Visit our integrated fridge reviews to see more models we've tested.

Integrated fridge pros and cons

If you’re buying a new kitchen, here are the pros and cons to help you decide whether a built-in fridge is the right type for you.

Pros of integrated fridges:

  • They’re built into your kitchen and hidden from view.
  • They're slimmer than some fridges, and won’t protrude into your kitchen.

Cons of integrated fridges:

  • There are fewer models to choose between, compared with freestanding fridges.
  • Integrated fridges are much more expensive to buy.
  • They also use more energy, so running costs are higher.

Integrated fridge types explained

If you're certain an integrated fridge is the way to go, next you'll need to determine whether you need a tall or small under-counter model. This could depend on the layout of your kitchen or the amount of available space you have. If space isn’t an issue, then base your decision on how much fresh food your household uses. Tall integrated fridges typically have a generous amount of usable storage.  

Tall integrated fridges

Woman looking into an integrated fridge

This type of integrated fridge is built into tall kitchen cupboards - either as individual columns or into a bank of units. Some of the shorter models are called over-counter or in-column fridges.

Tall fridges offer a huge amount of storage space, which makes them a good option if your household eats a lot of fresh food and you need plenty of fridge space.

Dimensions: Most tall integrated fridges are a fairly standard width and depth to match the size of a standard 60cm-wide kitchen cupboard unit. They might vary by a couple of centimetres, but you won’t have to factor in extra space for ventilation.

The largest are typically 177cm tall. The next size down is around 140cm and the smallest come in at 123cm or less.

Prices: Prices depend on the size and brand. The tallest models start at around £400 for a Beko, Hotpoint or Hisense and rise to £700-£800 for an entry-level Bosch or Neff.

You’ll pay up to £1,000 for a Bosch, Neff or Siemens with more features, while models from Liebherr and Miele are likely to cost more than £1,000.

Prices for integrated tall fridges start at £400-800 and range up to £1,000 plus, depending on the brand.

Integrated under-counter fridges

Integrated under-counter fridge

Integrated under-counter fridges are built into a kitchen unit that sits underneath a kitchen work surface. They’re sometimes called built-under fridges and are ideal if you don’t have much space in your kitchen.

They are on the small side, though. You might find that an integrated under-counter fridge isn't big enough to hold a large load of groceries, several bulk-buy offers or enough food for a big household. Plus the salad crisper drawer is right at the bottom and you may struggle to access fruit and veg if you find bending difficult.

Dimensions: While exact sizes might vary by a few centimetres, every under-counter fridge will be less than 60cm wide and 60cm deep to fit the dimensions of a standard kitchen cupboard unit.

They will also be less than 90cm tall. Make sure you don’t buy one that’s any taller - such as an over-counter or in-column model - as it won’t fit under your work surface.

Prices: Prices can start at £200-300 for a basic model from brands such as Beko, Candy and Fridgemaster. But most models cost more.

Most AEG, Bosch, Neff and Siemens models are in the £350-£450 price bracket, while a top-of the range Liebherr can set you back more than £900.

Make sure your integrated under-counter fridge is 90cm tall or less, or it won’t fit under your kitchen work surface.

Best integrated fridge features to consider

If you’re happy to pay a little extra, features such as quick-chill functions, door alarms and bottle racks can be added to most models.

For those who buy lots of fresh food, a humidity control can help to lock in moisture and keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer. But if you’re sticking to a strict budget, then some things can come included, such as salad drawers and adjustable shelving.

If you don’t have a separate freezer, an integrated ice box can be a great addition, too.

To read more about your fridge feature options, see Fridge freezer features explained

Why are integrated fridges so expensive?

Built-in models are noticeably more expensive than freestanding fridges - sometimes by a few hundred pounds.

There are various theories as to why integrated fridges are so pricey. One possibility is that designing the cooling technology to work within a confined space was costly to develop. Another is that as integrated fridges are less popular than freestanding models, manufacturing costs are higher.

Or it could be that once you’ve added a built-in fridge to your kitchen, you have no choice but to replace like-for-like when you need a new fridge. So there’s less incentive for manufacturers to keep prices down.

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