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Best Buy dishwasher that costs less than £50 to run

Energy-efficient model cleans up in our tests

dishwasher being loaded

We can help you find a Best Buy dishwasher that costs less to clean your cups

Our latest dishwasher reviews reveal a new Best Buy fully integrated model that not only cleans and dries brilliantly but will also cost you less than £50 a year to run. 

The new Best Buy joins the ranks of nine other dishwashers we’ve reviewed that have earned our Energy Saver recommendation.

Visit our dishwashers reviews for full ratings, details of energy costs and Best Buys.

Cheap to run dishwashers

When we review dishwashers, we not only look at how well they clean and dry dishes, but also how much water they use and if they are energy efficient. We think this is so important that it makes up 20% of our overall review score. 

Each dishwasher has a main program that tends to clean at about 55-65°C and is the most suitable for an everyday load of dishes. We test the cleaning and drying power of this main programme on every dishwasher we review, as well as testing the energy-save or ‘eco’ program for its energy and water use. 

We also list running costs for each model, so you know how much using each dishwasher will affect your utility bills.

The savings can be striking. The difference between an energy-efficient model and one that isn’t, over seven years of usage, is £280.

If running costs are important for you, look out for dishwashers with a Which? energy efficiency rating of four stars or more.

Best dishwashers

As well as our energy-efficient Best Buy, our latest dishwasher reviews include a mix of full-sized, slimline, built-in and freestanding models from brands AEG, Bosch, Hotpoint and John Lewis. Six out of the eight models we’ve just tested were named Best Buy dishwashers.  

You buy a dishwasher to get dishes sparkling clean and dry, and all the dishwashers we’ve just tested score well, thoroughly cleaning all items including pots and pans, and drying to a streak-free finish. Many also perform well at drying plastic lunchboxes.

We currently have 55 other Best Buy-recommended models on Which.co.uk, including a budget option that costs less than £190, and our top-rated model at £900.

How we test dishwashers

Which? is independent, which means you get an honest review that you can trust. Our testing is rigorous; every dishwasher is loaded with plates and cutlery smeared in spinach, egg and milk. 

We bake on this food, because most of us leave dishes waiting for a while, by which time food has dried on.

As well as plates, we include bulky items such as bowls, Tupperware and cutlery. This mixture mimics everyday use of a dishwasher, which isn’t always just filled with crockery and cutlery. It also helps us tell you how well a machine dries plastics and whether it leaves unsightly watermarks.

Dishwasher reviews

Below are the latest dishwashers we’ve reviewed. Follow the links for our full results.

Full-sized, freestanding dishwashers
Hotpoint FDFET33121G – £379
Hotpoint FDFL11010G – £300
John Lewis JLDWS1209 – £329

Full-sized, fully integrated dishwashers
AEG F55320V10 – £391
Bosch SMV69M01GB – £537
Hotpoint LTF11M132CUK – £429
Hotpoint LTF11S1120 – £379

Slimline, fully integrated dishwashers
AEG F55412V10 – £429

Prices correct as of 7 October 2016.

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