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Recaro safety warning: Recaro Fix car seat base

Up to 1,000 child car seat bases may need replacing


The Recaro Fix base fits both the Optia Group 1 child car seat and the Privia baby car seat

Recaro Child Safety is implementing a replacement program for its Recaro Fix child car seat base after joint consumer testing uncovered an issue with hooks on the base.

The Recaro Fix base is an Isofix child car seat base that can be used with the Optia Group 1 and Privia baby car seats.

During our testing, which uses speeds and forces (higher loads) that go beyond those required by the R44.04 child car seat testing standard, the hooks holding the Optia child car seat deformed. In certain crash situations this may result in the child car seat separating from the base.

This base has passed the legal standards required by R44.04 to be sold in the UK but, after identifying the cause of the issue, Recaro has decided to voluntarily offer a free replacement base to all affected customers. Recaro says there are up to 1,000 of these bases currently in the UK. 

The base can also be used with the Recaro Privia baby car seat, designed for use with babies from birth up to 13kg. Our testing uncovered no issues with the base when used with this seat.

Recaro Privia Isofixfull crash test results and review.

Recaro Fix child car seat crash tests

During our latest child car seat crash testing, we tested the Recaro Fix base with the Optia child car seat. 

This Group 1 car seat is approved for use with children from 9kg to 18kg (that’s around one to four years old). 

During some crash tests, the hooks (which keep the car seat secured to the base) deformed, and the connection between the base and the car seat failed in our front impact tests. You can see this in our video below.

Following our tests, Recaro has identified this as a batch issue and will swap the affected bases free of charge.


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Serial number Recaro packaging box

The serial number can also be found on the packaging box

How do I check if my base if affected?

The affected bases start with the following serial numbers: 

  • ER01000000 up to and including ER01017825

You can find the serial number on your product by either checking the box, or on stickers on the underside of the Recaro Fix base, as shown by the two pictures to the right. 

No other Recaro Fix bases are affected by this problem, but if you are using the base with the Privia car seat, Recaro recommends getting the base swapped so that you can continue to use it when you need to swap to the Optia car seat.


Serial number RECAROfix base

The serial number can be found underneath the base

How do I get my base replaced? 

Recaro has set up a dedicated hotline for anyone who has a base that needs swapping. 

  • 0800 083 0128 

The hotline will be manned from 07:00 to 22:00.

Consumers can also find more information on the replacement program on the Recaro Child Safety website at http://safety.recaro-cs.com, where you’ll also find an online tool to check whether your base is affected. 

The replacement program is free of charge for customers. 

Which? says

Which? child car seat expert Lisa Galliers says: ‘Which? is pleased that Recaro has taken immediate action after being informed of the test results, although it is not legally required to. 

‘Which? crash-tests child car seats in two specially designed crash scenarios. Our crash tests are severe, and our European car seat experts feel that they more accurately reflect what happens in real crashes than the legal minimum standards do, which is why we see differences.

‘We’ve tested the base with the Privia car seat and uncovered no issues. If parents own the Recaro Fix base and plan to use it with an Optia, we’d recommend contacting the hotline as soon as possible for more advice and to arrange a swap.’

This is a result of the twice-a-year child car seat tests that Which? carries out with its European car seat partners.

Full results for the Recaro Optia will be available on our child car seat reviews page from 26 October 2016. 

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