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Slimline dishwashers: five things you didn’t know

Ten latest models reviewed and rated by Which?

Woman loading a slimline dishwasher

Slimline dishwashers can hold up to 10 place settings

We’ve just reviewed the latest dishwashers, including slimline models from Blomberg, Grundig, Hotpoint and Indesit. 

If space in your kitchen is tight, a slimline dishwasher could be the answer. They’re the same height as full-sized models but, as their name suggests, they’re narrower. 

The average width for a slimline model is 45cm: 15cm thinner than a standard full-sized model. 

Compare all the models we’ve tested to find out which is best: dishwashers reviews.

Not sure if a slimline dishwasher is for you? Read on to find out how they compare.

Slimline dishwashers fit in more than you think

Your average slimline dishwashers can accommodate eight to 10 place settings at once. That’s 80-100 items: plates, side plates, cups, saucers and cutlery, for a dinner party of up to 10 people. 

Some full-sized dishwashers can hold up to 16 place settings, but you probably only need one with such a high capacity if you’ve got a large family. 

Compare our top three best slimline dishwashers

You don’t lose out on cleaning power

We’ve got 12 Best Buy slimline dishwashers to choose from. Our top scorer has seven cleaning programs, including a rapid wash, a delicates wash and an intensive wash for grime that’s hard to shift. And despite its slim stature, it’s excellent at cleaning and has no trouble drying plates and cutlery. Compare all our Best Buy dishwashers

But slimlines do use more energy per item…

A large machine will be more energy and water efficient than a slimline dishwasher, so it’s especially important to use the energy-saving program if your machine has one. Eco programs wash dishes at a lower temperature, using on average 20% less energy to heat the water. 

Look for a slimline dishwasher with an eco wash setting. One of the models we’ve just reviewed is so efficient that it’s earned our Energy Saver label. 

Blomberg LDVS2284 slimline dishwasher

The Blomberg LDVS2284 slimline dishwasher

Another way to cut down the amount of energy and water your dishwasher guzzles is to aim for a full load each time. Don’t overload your dishwasher though, as some items won’t get a thorough clean.

And be aware of the official, quoted energy ratings of your dishwasher. Our investigations have revealed significant differences in energy and water use compared to the official energy rating. 

…and they’re not all at slimline prices

While slimline dishwashers are generally three quarters of the size, width-wise, of full-sized models, that doesn’t mean you’ll pay three quarters of the price. 

Full-sized dishwasher prices run the gamut from £180 to £1,200, while slimline models can cost anything from £160 to nearly £900. So, depending which model you pick, a slimline doesn’t necessarily represent a cheaper option. 

Looking for a budget slimline model? Read our review of the £160 Indesit ICD661 slimline dishwasher.

Short on space? There are other options

If you don’t have much floorspace at all, an alternative option to a slimline model is a compact dishwasher.

Compact models can either be integrated (taking up the space of a drawer in a built-in kitchen) or table-top (sitting on top of kitchen counters). They’re slightly bigger than a large microwave or drawer and can take between four and six place settings. 

They’re worth considering if you can’t easily bend down to fill a dishwasher. But bear in mind that they’ll use more water and energy per item than slimline and full-sized models. 

We’ve reviewed a Bosch compact dishwasher with space for 60 items, which is pretty good, and it uses sensors to work out how much water each load requires. So, in theory at least, it shouldn’t ramp up your water and energy bills. Read the full Bosch SKS62E22EU review.

New slimline dishwashers reviews

Prices correct as of 5 December 2016.

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