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Integrated dishwashers: new Which? Best Buys

And discover the two dishwashers you definitely want to avoid

Kitchenaid and Miele dishwashers

We’ve just packed 10 of the latest dishwashers off to our Which? test lab, including full-sized, slimline, freestanding and integrated models from brands including Beko, Bosch, Miele, Smeg and Whirlpool.   

We found several models so good at cleaning, rinsing and drying that we’ve named them Which? Best Buy dishwashers. One of these was an integrated dishwasher, and it was so good, scoring an impressive 88% in our tough tests, that it’s only a whisker away from being our highest-scoring Best Buy ever.

Integrated dishwashers

If you’re planning a sleek, streamlined kitchen you probably won’t want your dishwasher to stand out like a sore thumb, so an integrated model (also known as a built-in dishwasher) could be the answer. They’re designed to be fitted behind a kitchen unit door, and both full-size and slimline models are available. Integrated dishwashers tend to cost more than their freestanding counterparts, but it’s possible to get a decent one for around £400.

We’ve just tested the Miele G6060SCVi (pictured above right) and it’s certainly not cheap at around £900 – but it comes with some useful features, such as ‘Auto-open’. This opens the door automatically after the cycle has finished, leaving a small gap that allows steam to escape. This helps with drying and could also prevent any mustiness building up if you don’t have time to unload your dishes straight away. The freestanding Smeg DF613PX has the same feature, which Smeg calls ‘Enersave’, as it cuts down on the energy used for drying.

The KitchenAid KDSCM 82140 (pictured above left) integrated dishwasher is another one for those with deeper pockets as, like the Miele, it comes in at more than £900. As it’s integrated, that price isn’t for the sleek good looks of other KitchenAid appliances that tempt buyers. But what you do get is space to clean a roomy 14 place settings and a main ‘dynamic sensor’ program that uses technology to assess how dirty the load is, before working out how much water and energy is needed to clean it.

One thing to bear in mind with built-in dishwashers is that, as their control panels are found along the top edge of the door, you can’t see the time-remaining indicator – if it has one – unless you open the door to have a look. However, some, such as this KitchenAid, shine a light on the floor below the cabinet while it’s on, so at least you can see when it’s finished.

Candy and Britannia dishwashersIf you’re after an integrated dishwasher for less, the Candy CDI1L38, (pictured above left) at £299, might fall into your price bracket. It might be one of the cheaper integrated dishwashers we’ve tested recently, but it’s certainly not lacking in features. There’s enough room inside for 13 place settings – that’s one plate, soup bowl, dessert plate, cup, saucer and cutlery for each of 13 people.You’ll find six programs on the menu, including a ‘universal’ 60°C wash, eco, and intensive programs. Other options include a rapid wash that takes just 29 minutes, a refresh wash, and one designed to clean the inside of the dishwasher at 70°C, which could be useful if you’ve noticed previous machines smelling musty. And there’s a time-delay setting that you can use to program the machine up to nine hours in advance.

Or, if your budget stretches a little further, we’ve just tested the Britannia IDW60 integrated dishwasher (pictured above right), which is again packed with features. Find out whether it’s worth splashing out the £250 extra over the Candy to go for this model by reading our Britannia IDW60 review.

Tough dishwasher cleaning tests

The raison d’etre for any dishwasher is that it cleans well, so we smear our dishes with sticky foods like spinach and porridge, and stain our cups with tea before starting our tests. We add wine glasses and cutlery to check for watermarks, and plastic food tubs to test whether they can dry these tricky items properly.

We measure exactly how much water and electricity each machine uses to get the job done, so you won’t be left with a nasty surprise when you check your utility bills.

Freestanding dishwasher reviews

As well as the latest integrated dishwashers, we’ve also just tested and published reviews of freestanding dishwashers. One of the models of those listed below is a Which? Best Buy. But two are so bad we’ve named them Don’t Buy dishwashers. Follow the links below to read the full individual reviews and find out which to buy and which to avoid.

Full-sized freestanding dishwashers

Slimline freestanding dishwashers

Prices correct as of 23 May 2017.


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