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Five ways a Don’t Buy washing machine will let you down

We round up the five key reasons why Don’t Buy washing machines are a waste of time and money and simply won’t get clothes clean.

We’ve found the best and the worst from the world of washing machines in our latest round of reviews. The very best washing machines we’ve tested do a brilliant job of getting your clothes clean, but the worst machines we’ve seen simply don’t get rid of tough stains.

When we see very poor wash results, we’ll slap a Don’t Buy warning on that washing machine. And there are more terrible washing machines lurking around than you might think.

While there are more than 60 excellent washing machines on our website – so good in fact that we’ve honoured them with Which? Best Buy status – there are 18 machines so bad that we’ve made them Don’t Buys.

Find out more about the dirty dozen-and-a-half in our Don’t Buy washing machine reviews.

What makes a Don’t Buy washing machine?

If we find a washing machine that’s bad at washing clothes, slow to spin or weak at rinsing – or any other key laundry task – we’ll give it low scores in our tests. And if the total test score for the machine is low enough – 40% or less – we’ll do our best to stop you from spending your money on it by making it a Don’t Buy.

Five reasons a Don’t Buy washing machine will let you down

Here we’ve rounded up the five key ways a Don’t Buy washing machine will give you the wash-day blues:

1. Woeful clothes washing

The key failing of Don’t Buy washing machines is their inability to shift stains from clothes. In our tests, we’ve found Don’t Buy washing machines that barely make a dent in tough and dried-on grass stains, can’t handle something like a red wine spillage and that will leave your clothes decidedly ketchupy after trying – and failing – to remove tomato sauce stains.

Best Buy washing machines do a much better job of getting clothes properly clean – check out our 60+ Best Buy washing machine reviews.

2. Rubbish rinsing

When the buzzer sounds at the end of the wash, not only should you expect your clothes to be clean but you should also find the washing powder rinsed away.

But some Don’t Buy machines are so bad at rinsing away detergent, that after washing, rinsing and spinning you’ll still find flecks of detergent on your clothes.

3. Sloppy spinning

Your washing machine should do a first-class job of spinning away water from the clothes in the drum. By doing this, the amount of time needed to dry your clothes – either on the line or in a tumble dryer – will be reduced.

But a common trait of a Don’t Buy washing machine is that it’s slow to remove the water, although you won’t know this by checking out the claimed spin speed. At Which?, we weigh the clothes before and after washing to work out how much water is left in the load. And for Don’t Buys the answer we find is that not nearly enough has been spun away.

4. Too noisy

All washing machines generate noise, especially when spinning, and this is something that our expert panel listens for in our tests.

But Don’t Buy washing machines are more likely to be noisier generally, noisier for longer or noisier in an irritating way – such as with clonks and clanks sounding during the wash or spin – than Best Buy washing machines.

5. Hard to use

Wash-day is made easier by design touches that make washing a bit less of a chore. But if you buy a Don’t Buy washing machine, don’t expect to find any of these on your machine.

Instead of door openings that are wider than average, which allow for easier loading of something like a duvet, you’ll still find narrow doors that make loading and unloading a struggle. And expect to find indecipherable control panels and instruction booklets on the worst washers.

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