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Which? reveals the best mattress brands of 2017

We rate mattresses from Sealy, Ikea, John Lewis and more

Mattress brands

Choosing a new bed can mean the difference between a peaceful night’s sleep and long hours of tossing and turning, but our new mattress survey has exposed a huge gap in quality between the best and worst mattress brands in the UK.

In our 2017 survey of 3,774 mattress owners rating 20 brands, the top-performing mattress brand earned a customer score of 83%, while the worst could only manage a measly 52% – a difference of more than 30 percentage points.

Do you want to risk buying a mattress from a brand that one Which? member described as ‘absolute rubbish’?

See the full results by going to our new list of the best mattress brands for 2017.

What to look for in a mattress brand

No matter how long you spend pretending to sleep on a mattress in a shop, you’ll never know how comfortable it is until you’ve got it home and slept on it for a few nights.

You’re unlikely to go wrong with one of the top five brands in our survey, though. Not only do their high customer scores indicate that most owners are satisfied with their mattress and would recommend the brand to a friend, but they also all earn five stars for comfort and how well their mattresses match their description.

That means that if a mattress from one of our top brands is described as feeling cool and firm to lie on, you can be confident that it actually is.

The same cannot be said for all the brands in our survey. One member told us that the firmness of their mattress was advertised as ‘medium’, but in reality it feels ‘like sleeping on a brick’. They found it so uncomfortable that they’ve resorted to sleeping on a single bed in the spare room until they can replace it.

Not every mattress suits every type of sleeping style. If you’re not sure what firmness you need, read our handy guide to what you need to know about mattresses before you make a decision.

The best places to buy a mattress

Your new mattress has the potential to make or break your quality of sleep for the next decade, so you need to think about what you’re buying, and where you’re buying it.

Not for the first time, a major high-street brand has finished last in our list of the best mattress retailers, so you’d do well to avoid it. It clearly pays to shop around; every single customer in our survey who bought their mattress from our top-rated retailer was satisfied with their purchase.

The top three shops earned four or five stars in every category we looked at: quality of advice, range of mattresses, ease of delivery, product quality and value for money.

There’s only one thing left to do – use our mattress reviews to create a shortlist of mattresses you want to try out.

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