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Two new Best Buy electric shavers revealed

See which models came out on top from our latest test of Philips, Braun, Remington and Panasonic electric shavers

Two new Best Buy electric shavers revealed

Looking for the best electric shaver? We’ve just reviewed the latest models from Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington to find the best shavers for leaving your skin smooth and free of irritation

Our recent reviews uncovered two new Best Buys – plus one expensive electric shaver you’ll want to avoid.

Read on to find out more about the shavers we tested this time around. Or jump straight to our electric shaver reviews to pick out the one that’s right for you and your wallet.

Electric shavers from Braun and Philips

Philips Series 9000 9711/31
The Philips Series 9000 9711/31 is the most expensive electric shaver we’ve ever tested

In a mini battle of the brands, we tried mid-range and premium shavers from both Braun and Philips. The cheapest is the Braun Series 3 3040s, which you can get for £50, while the priciest is the luxury Philips Series 9000 S9711/31 at a whopping £275.

The Philips S9711/31 goes head-to-head with Braun’s premier high-end shaver, the Series 9 9290cc. Both shavers are self-cleaning, which means they come with a dock that cleans, lubricates, dries and even charges your shaver all at the same time. We found that both cleaning docks worked well, but how do these shavers compare when it comes to the most important task of shaving?

We test each shaver for closeness, comfort and speed of shaving. We also test them on one-day and three-day stubble to really simulate how men shave at home. One of these shavers outclassed its high-end rival with the quality of shave it gave. But were either of them as good as cheaper models we tested?

Battery life is another important aspect in determining the quality of an electric shaver, especially if you’re heading away on holiday and don’t want to bring a charger and adaptor with you. One of these high-end shavers provided almost a week more shaving time than the other.

If an expensive self-cleaning electric shaver is out of your price range, read our guide on how to clean and maintain an electric shaver to make sure you know how to keep your shaver in top nick.

Braun Series 9 9290cc electric shaver
The Braun Series 9 9290cc comes with a cleaning dock that also charges the battery

Expensive vs budget electric shavers

Although feature-rich electric shavers are becoming increasingly popular, you don’t have to splash out on one to get a close shave. Their high-end functions may potentially help you achieve a closer shave and take some of the hassle out of maintenance, but they come at a hefty price.

Budget options can shave just as well as more expensive models, and in fact one of the priciest electric shavers we tested proved to be a huge disappointment in almost every regard. To see whether any of the budget models we’ve just tested made their way to the top of our ratings, check out our electric shaver Best Buys.

Electric shavers tested

Below are all the electric shavers we’ve just tested. Follow the links to read our reviews:

Prices correct as of 13 November 2017.

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