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Record players under £200 to buy for Christmas

As record players get increasingly popular, we take a look at the models that will make the most of your money

With vinyl sales expected to soar this Christmas, we’ve rounded up some affordable record players worth considering if you want to get in on the action.

As the festive season edges closer, more and more shoppers are heading to the high street and online to pick up new record players and some albums to play on them. If you’re buying a new record player or turntable, make sure you enlist the help of our expert reviews before taking the plunge.

Best Buy record players – fantastic sound and easy to use.

Vinyl sales continue to rise

Sales of vinyl will continue to climb this month, according to a new report from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The group has predicted that over one million vinyl LPs will be purchased through December, with the total number of LPs sold across the year expected to zoom past four million.

In its report, the BPI notes that the demand for vinyl always seems to grow around Christmas time. It’s a trend that has become more obvious over the past couple of years. And if the sales predictions are accurate, this month will be the best for vinyl sales since records began back in 1994.

If you’re tempted to pick up a record player for yourself, or as a gift but don’t want to spend big, the models below could be of interest. Read on for the details.

Five record players under £200

Flexson VinylPlay (£199)

This affordable turntable aims to provide good sound quality and convenient connectivity. It has a solid metal tonearm atop a smooth wooden base, and its preamp is built in.

We ran this record player through our lab tests to see how much audio detail it can serve up. To see if the Flexson VinylPlay is worthy of Best Buy status, head over to our full Flexson VinylPlay review.

Pro-Ject Primary (£168)

You can pick up the Pro-Ject Primary for around £170 if you shop around. Setting it up for the first time doesn’t take long at all. This turntable has been designed for high-quality sound with minimal fuss.

The Pro-Ject Primary uses an 8.6-inch aluminium tonearm. It looks just like the Pro-Ject Primary Phono USB, although this model doesn’t have a phono preamp.

The minimalist design of this Pro-Ject model gives it a touch of class, but is it as good on the ears as it is on the eyes? Read our full Pro-Ject Primary review for our expert verdict.

Lenco L-3808 (£158)

Here’s another mid-range record player that could be on your radar. The Lenco L-3808 has a built-in stereo preamp, which means you can connect this model to any pair of powered speakers.

Some of the features of this turntable will grab the attention of budding DJs. For example, the Lenco’s motor spins the record itself without the aid of a rubber belt, which means you can start and stop records spinning whenever you like.

Did this turntable impress our panel of audio experts? Our Lenco L-3808 review reveals all.

Sony PS-LX300USB (£99)

The budget-priced Sony PS-LX300USB could be yours for less than £100. It doesn’t scream premium with its black plastic design, but we found that it’s very easy to use.

This record player has a built-in preamp and will automatically drop the needle into the groove at the push of a button.

To see if this affordable model is worthy of your money, head over to our Sony PS-LX300USB review.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60USB (£99)

The Audio-Technica AT-LP60USB is a belt-drive player, meaning it uses a belt to make the record spin.

It may be cheap, but can this record player serve up sound that could easily come from a pricier model? See our Audio-Technica AT-LP60USB review for the details.

Want to know which cheap record players have topped our tests this year? Head over to our guide to the top four cheap record players and turntables for 2017. Alternatively, see our record player reviews page for a wider look at the models that have been through our lab.

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