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Lidl launches bargain-priced Silvercrest rotary shaver for £20

New range includes the updated £23 Silvercrest beard trimmer. What do you get for the price?

Lidl launches bargain-priced Silvercrest rotary shaver for £20

The budget-friendly Silvercrest beard trimmer and rotary shaver are available in store at Lidl now, for as long as stocks last. Could they be the best personal care bargains around?

These low-cost grooming tools are among the cheapest you’ll find, but how do they compare with other beard trimmers and shavers in terms of features?

What is the Silvercrest rotary shaver?

We’ve tested budget electric shavers before, but at £19.99 this is among the cheapest we’ve seen. The specs on the Silvercrest rotary shaver include:

  • Rotary cutting head Rotary shavers have three circular heads that rotate to lift and then cut stubble.
  • Beard and sideburn styler and nose and ear trimmer You get two additional attachable heads, one for tidying up your sideburns or moustache and another for clearing hairs from the ears and nostrils. These aren’t commonly included accessories, especially not with budget models, so it’s a nice addition.
  • Detachable, waterproof cutting head The shaving head can be removed and held under running water for simpler cleaning.
  • 60 minutes’ claimed battery operating time This is a decent amount of time for an electric shaver, and it would be up there among the better models we’ve seen if it can actually hold its for charge that long.
  • Also in the box A charging base, micro-USB charger, cleaning brush, shaving head cover to help protect the blades and a travel pouch.

If you want to see how those specs match up against electric shavers from brands that are more well known, including the £208 Braun Series 9 9290cc, make sure you check out all of our electric shaver reviews

What is the Silvercrest beard trimmer?

This is a slightly more expensive and advanced trimmer than the £10 beard trimmer Lidl we reviewed back in January. But at £22.99 this beard trimmer is still some way cheaper than its big-name brand rivals. The specs on the latest Silvercrest beard trimmer include:

  • Titanium-coated cutting head that can be removed for cleaning Titanium-coated cutting heads are claimed to be stronger and stay sharper for longer than standard stainless steel ones. A removable head is a useful function that should make cleaning a bit easier.
  • LED screen showing length settings This is a handy ease-of-use function that should make picking the correct length for your beard or hair trim a lot simpler. It’s usually reserved for high-end beard trimmers, so it is a surprise inclusion to this lower-cost model.
  • Built in memory function This will remember the last cutting length you set the trimmer to, so you can maintain a consistent style, trim after trim, without having to remember which length you used last time.
  • Three detachable combs for 55 cutting lengths ranging from 1.5 to 41mm This is a massive range of cutting lengths, and with a maximum of 41mm it offers more options for those sporting slightly longer beards, which you won’t find in very many beard trimmers.
  • 60 minutes’ claimed battery operating time This is comparable to most of the beard trimmers we’ve seen recently.

In the box you’ll also get a cleaning brush, oil for lubricating the blades, a micro-USB charging cable and a travel pouch.

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