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Best baby carriers and slings for summer 2018

Find out which baby slings and carriers come out on top in our latest reviews

Best baby carriers and slings for summer 2018

A baby sling or carrier might be on your shopping list if you’re heading off on holiday and don’t want to take a buggy with you or fancy using one as a back up.

We’ve just tested and published reviews of 10 popular baby carriers and slings to find out which ones are comfortable for you and your baby, easy to use, safe, secure and so great for summer walks or some holiday sightseeing.

Some of the carriers and slings we tested were disappointing, while others did very well, with one carrier getting the highest score we’ve ever had for slings and carrier testing.

Read on to find out more about the different carriers and slings that we’ve tested, or head to our Best Buy baby carriers and slings to discover which ones are the top performers.

BabyBjorn One – £140

BabyBjorn Carrier One

The BabyBjorn One was relaunched this year. The manufacturer says the redesign has made it softer and more flexible, with a wider seat area and higher head support.

At £140, it’s one of the more expensive soft-structured carriers on the market, and we found it quite bulky, so it might not be one for you if luggage space is tight.

But we found plenty to love about it as well. Find out more about how this carrier did in our testing by reading our BabyBjorn One Carrier review.

Mamas & Papas Classic – £69

Mamas and Papas Classic baby carrier

The Classic carrier from Mamas & Papas gives the option of two carrying positions for your baby; on your front facing in and on your front facing out.

There’s a toy or dummy clip strap which can be attached to the carrier to ensure you’ll always have it to hand if needed. Handy for keeping your little one happy if you’re out and about on holidays.

Take a look at the full Mamas and Papas Classic baby carrier review to find out what we discovered about the comfort of this carrier.

Ergobaby Aura Wrap – £50

Ergobaby Aura Wrap

The Aura is a classic wrap sling, made from one long piece of material, which you wrap around yourself, and then place your baby into.

The material of this wrap is very lightweight and breathable, which the parents in our testing panel liked. However, tying a wrap can take a bit of getting used to, so we also check whether instructions are easy to understand and how easy it is to tie it and put your baby in.

The last thing you want is to be on holidays struggling to get to grips with a new sling. So read our review of the Ergobaby Aura Wrap before you buy it to find out whether you’ll be able to master it before heading off on your summer break.

Cybex Maira Click – £88

Cybex Maira Click baby carrier

The Cybex Maira Click is a structured baby carrier with a waistband that clicks together. You can also buy the same carrier, but the waistband is tied (known as the Maira Tie).

It’s been recommended by both the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and the Trageschule Hamburg (a babywearing school in Germany). We’ve also asked our ergonomic experts to assess how it holds your baby, and whether it’s likely make your neck, shoulders or back ache.

Find out their thoughts by reading the Cybex Maira Click review.

Close Caboo Lite – £55

Close Caboo Lite baby sling

The Caboo Lite by Close is another sling that’s recently had a redesign, with changes to the design and colourways.

It’s a fabric sling that’s made up of hammock-style sling, which crosses over at your back and is fixed together with two metal rings, and a piece of wrap material that you tie round your middle.

We ask our parent testers what it feels like to wear this sllng, including whether the material feels soft, breathable or gets hot when babywearing (important if you’re going to be using it in warmer climes this summer).

Read our review of the Close Caboo Lite to find out what they thought of it.

More baby carrier and sling reviews

If none of the above take your fancy, follow the links below to read full reviews of the other slings and carriers that we’ve just tested:

Prices correct as of 3 July 2018.

How we test baby carriers and slings

Our unique carrier and slings testing helps you answer key questions before you buy, including:

  • Is the sling or carrier safe and durable?
    We check the carrier or sling complies to the correct standard, is durable, safe and secure.
  • Is it comfortable for my baby and me?
    We ask ergonomic experts to look at what position the carrier or sling holds your baby, including the all-important ‘M’ position for their hips, legs and knees, and ‘C’ shape for their back. They also look at whether the sling or carrier is well-designed for the parent (including men and women of different shapes and sizes), and whether it is supportive in key areas such as the shoulders or lower back.
  • Is it easy to get on and off?
    We get our panel of parents to try putting the carrier together, tying the sling and adjusting it into the different positions available, and comment on whether it’s easy.
  • How clear are the instructions?
    We also look at whether the instructions for each carrier or sling are easy to understand and well laid-out.
  • Should I buy it?
    All these measurements and scores are combined to produce an overall score and a range of star ratings to help you decide whether you should buy it.

For more information read: how we test baby carriers and slings.

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