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Best bargain rechargeable batteries

Frustrated with rechargeables not lasting as long as they should? Find out how brands like Amazon Basics, Ikea and Morrisons fare against big brands Duracell and Energizer

Every year, we test rechargeable batteries to find the longest lasting and the most reliable after multiple uses. Even the most expensive rechargeable battery can save you money over time, so you can expect to save even more with our cheapest Best Buy.

Not only did we uncover six new Best Buys in our latest test of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, but we also found the worst battery we’ve seen in years. It only manages a measly score of 53%, which is 30 percentage points less than our top-scoring battery.

Avoid the worst rechargeables and pick up a pack that will stand the test of time – see our best rechargeable batteries.

How much does a good rechargeable cost?

A pack of four rechargeable batteries, either AA or AAA, will cost from around £4 up to £14. You’ll also need a battery charger, if you don’t already have one, so the total cost could be closer to £30.

Our tests have revealed that you don’t necessarily need to splash out – we’ve found Best Buy AA rechargeable batteries costing less than £6 a pack. So our results can save you money as well as show you the best.

Battery offers are worth looking out for if you’re not in a hurry to stock up. Keep an eye out in supermarkets and online for multibuys and the best deals.

High capacity = the best?

It can be enticing to buy the batteries with the largest capacity, measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), as they generally last longer on a single charge. But our tests have found that the battery quality is not always clear-cut.

We’ve discovered that the battery that lasts the longest initially may not last the longest overall, especially with numerous recharges and repeated uses.

For example, our lowest-scoring AA  battery lasts around eight hours on a single charge in a high-drain device. But looks can be deceiving – battery life halved after fewer than 100 recharges.

So while our Best Buy rechargeable batteries may not last as long initially as rival brands, you expect very good battery life even after hundreds of uses.

Which? rechargeable battery reviews

Follow the links below for our verdict on the latest rechargeable batteries or, alternatively, head to our full list of 33 rechargeable battery reviews.

AA rechargeable batteries on test

AAA rechargeable batteries on test

Prices correct as of May 2018.

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