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It’s a great time to buy a slimline dishwasher

Record number of Best Buys discovered in latest Which? reviews

Slimline dishwashers typically score less well than their full-sized counterparts in our reviews, but if space is tight in your kitchen, or you live in a small household, they might be your only option.

Luckily, this year we’ve seen a bumper crop of small but mighty dishwashers coming through our tests. These include the highest-scoring slimline dishwasher ever.

We’ve discovered a record number of Best Buy slimline dishwashers in our latest reviews. As well as excellent cleaning and drying results, three of these slimlines are so conservative with their energy and water use that we’ve awarded them our Energy Saver logo.

See a selection of the newest slimline dishwashers below, or go to Best Buy dishwashers to jump straight to the top performers.

Slimline dishwasher reviews

We’ve assessed slimline dishwashers with a range of features at different price points, so you can find the best fit for your kitchen.

Bosch SPV25CX00G £449

This integrated slimline dishwasher is designed to sit behind your kitchen counters. You can fit in nine place settings, but it’s missing some of the programs you find with more expensive dishwashers, such as a delicate wash for glassware, and there’s less flexibility with the delayed start. It still has some tricks up its sleeve, though, with anti-flood technology and a lifetime guarantee against water damage to give you peace of mind.

Find out what we liked about it in our full Bosch SPV25CX00G review.

Bosch SPS46II00G £489

This freestanding Bosch dishwasher also packs in nine place settings. There are seven programs, including an intensive wash, eco, silence, glass and a quick program. The auto setting uses sensors to tailor the time and temperature of the wash to your load.

You can also increase the water pressure for large dirty dishes on the bottom rack, speed up the cycle and boost the drying time. The delay timer lets you set the wash up to 24 hours ahead in one-hour increments and there’s a handy child lock, too, so you won’t need to worry about curious fingers meddling with your programs.

Read our review of the Bosch SPS46II00G to see if this family-friendly slimline dishwasher is good enough to be a Best Buy.

Siemens SR256I00TE £569

If you’ve got a bigger family, this slimline Siemens dishwasher can handle 10 place settings. Loading a dishwasher can be an ordeal, and we did find some issues with getting dishes and saucepans in and out of this Siemens. Read more in our full Siemens SR256I00TE review.

Bosch SPV66TX01E £599

This fully-integrated dishwasher has 10 place settings, so it should accommodate the extra dishes when guests come over for dinner. Seven programs give you a lot of flexibility, including a lower-temperature wash for delicate glassware and a silent wash for running your dishwasher overnight.

There’s no point having lots of programs if a dishwasher can’t get your dishes clean, so read the full Bosch SPV66TX01E review to see if it’s worth buying.

How to buy the best slimline dishwasher

As our testing discovers, not all slimline dishwashers are created equal. Use our expert tips to help you buy the right dishwasher for your budget.

Don’t overspend

You might think that the smaller capacity makes slimline dishwashers kinder to your bank balance than larger models, but this isn’t always the case. Some slimlines can cost upwards of £800 – that’s more than most full-sized dishwashers. We’ve found Best Buy slimline dishwashers for less than £300, though, so make sure you shop around for a great cleaner and dryer that won’t break the bank.

See our Best slimline dishwashers for some great budget options.

Consider usability

The smaller space might come in handy when you’re installing your dishwasher, but when the time comes to actually load your items it can be a total nightmare. Some slimline models try to pack in the same number of place settings as a full-sized dishwasher, so it’s no wonder that we found models that are fiddly and frustrating to load.

Our reviews tell you how quickly and easily you can load and unload a dishwasher, using a range of different items such as plates, saucers, cutlery, a ladle, saucepan and a plastic lunch box.

Watch your energy bills

As there’s less space in a slimline dishwasher, you often use more energy per item, making them, over time, far less eco-friendly than a full-sized model. Our tests don’t just take the official energy rating as a given – we measure exactly how much water and energy is used on every dishwasher’s auto and eco programs, and cost up how much you’ll spend in a year.

Luckily, three slimline dishwashers we’ve recently tested are green enough to earn our Energy Saver logo. Head to our dishwasher reviews to find out which they are.

Prices correct as of 3 August 2018.

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