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The best alarm clock radios to wake up to

Looking for an alarm clock radio that’s easy to use and has great sound? Here are seven options to consider

A great alarm clock radio is simple to use, with an easy-to-hit snooze button and great sound that will wake you up in the best possible way. We’ve scoured the market for a wide choice of alarm clock radios to consider from top brands including Roberts, Pure and VQ.

When you’re a bit groggy in the morning, you want an easy start to your day. And if that means reaching over to hit the snooze button to catch an extra 40 winks, with a cursory glance at the time, you want an alarm clock that won’t get in your way.

The very best alarm clocks have an exceptionally clear screen that’s as easy as possible to read, plus flexible alarm functionality and a sufficiently loud volume to wake you up even if you turned in late the night before. It will also be easy to use without having to consult the instruction manual at every stage, and – crucially – have superb sound quality that will be a dream to listen to.

Best Buy radios – go straight to our recommended radios.

Our lab experts tirelessly test every aspect of alarm clock radios, including how easy the screen is to read in darkness and bright light and how good the reception is, to make sure our Best Buy radios are the perfect package.

On top of that, our expert panel of music industry professionals have decades of experience in ensuring that whatever your favourite genre of music or radio, their four-star or five-star verdicts guarantee the very best sound.

Below we’ve selected seven of the most promising alarm clock radios on the market. Use the links provided to click through to our reviews to see whether they deliver.

Pure Siesta Rise, £70

A long-time popular alarm clock radio, the Pure Siesta Rise sports a classic alarm clock radio design. Its defining feature is its beautifully clear large full-front display. However, rival VQ is now stepping up the pressure, with two new alarm clock radios that claim to offer more.

Find out whether the Pure Siesta Rise’s reputation is deserved in our Pure Siesta Rise review.

VQ Lark, £99

The newest high-profile entry into the alarm clock radio space, the VQ Lark DAB+/FM alarm clock radio aims to improve on, and offer a great alternative to, the Pure Siesta Rise.

Unlike the Siesta Rise, it has two direct-access preset buttons for instant access to your two favourite radio stations, and a generous 60 presets in the full list. It also comes with Bluetooth so you can stream music or audiobooks from your smartphone through the radio’s speakers, and two handy USB sockets for charging your smartphone and other devices.

We took a look at the VQ Lark ahead of its release in a few months’ time. See what we thought in our first look VQ Lark review.

VQ Rosie-Lee, £129

British radio brand VQ offers a great alternative to radios from Roberts and Pure, particularly if you’re looking for premium build quality. The VQ Rosie-Lee is handcrafted from a single piece of wood, and wrapped in a beautiful leather-feel finish.

It’s a DAB+/FM alarm clock radio with the expected two independent alarms, and sleep and snooze functions. Unusually, VQ’s alarm clock radios offer stereo sound, plus it has a large 3-inch screen and Bluetooth.

Find out whether this is a great premium build alarm clock choice in our VQ Rosie-Lee review.

Roberts Ortus Time, £96

If you’re looking for something a bit different, Roberts offers you the stylish Roberts Ortus Time with a striking clockface design. It gives you the option of an analogue clock face and a digital one, just like many watches.

It has all the usual functions you’d expect from an alarm clock radio, including a large snooze button on its top, dual independent alarms and sleep and snooze functions.

Is this the perfect radio for you? See how it performs in our Roberts Ortus Time review.

Roberts Ortus 2, £77

The Roberts Ortus 2 is Roberts’ take on the ideal mainstream alarm clock radio. It aims to be as easy to use as possible, with a large clear screen and large menu selection knob.

The focus is on the alarm clock functions, with its dual independent alarms and snooze function, and the sleep timer helpfully fades the music down as you’re reaching the end of the time you’ve set so it doesn’t interfere as you’re drifting off to sleep.

See what our experts thought of the sound in our expert Roberts Ortus 2 review.

Pure Siesta S6, £120

The Pure Siesta S6 is the upgraded version of the Pure Siesta Rise, for those looking for premium metal-finish build quality and direct-access preset buttons. It’s got the same great full-front screen as the Pure Siesta Rise and a USB port to plug in your smartphone to charge at night.

But is the Pure Siesta S6 worth the price? We reveal all in our comprehensive Pure Siesta S6 review.

Pure Siesta Home with CD player, £200

The Pure Siesta Home is an ultra-compact DAB+/FM alarm clock radio with a built-in CD player and Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from your smartphone and other devices. It has a handy remote to control it from a distance, and a headphone socket plus two USB ports for charging your portable devices.

Aiming to be the ideal flexible choice for the bedroom, it has no fewer than four independent alarms with flexible snooze functions, a sleep timer for listening as you drift off, a kitchen timer and backlit buttons for greater visibility at night. It has a large clear screen similar to other models in the Pure Siesta radios range. There’s also a new feature called SoundSpace EQ, which optimises your listening experience depending on the size of the room and the radio’s location within it.

See whether this is a superb convenient choice for those that enjoy listening to both CDs and the radio in our in-depth Pure Siesta Home review.

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