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Ninja Foodi: what does it do and is it worth £200?

Ninja's latest multi cooker can pressure cook and air fry food. Is it the new Instant Pot? We've tried it out to bring you our first impressions

Ninja Foodi: what does it do and is it worth £200?

The Ninja Foodi aims to do the job of several kitchen appliances in one, including a pressure cooker, slow cooker and an air fryer.

As well as saving space with one super-gadget, it allows you to combine cooking methods for optimal results. Pressure cook your chicken for speed and juiciness, for example, and use the crisping setting to finish it off and get that perfect crispy skin.

It’s similar to popular electric pressure cookers such as the Instant Pot and Sage Fast Slow Pro, but allows you to air-fry your food too.

We tried the Ninja Foodi out, cooking a variety of meals to find out if it’s worth a spot on your kitchen worktop. Get our full review of the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker.

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Ninja Foodi – key features vs rivals

At £200, the Ninja Foodi is more expensive than other electric pressure cookers, but it does have some tricks up its sleeve to justify the price.

Multiple cooking modes

The Foodi can grill, slow cook, bake, roast, steam, sauté and air-fry your food, as well as pressure cooking. It has an extra lid for pressure cooking, and an air-frying basket.

Air fryers can cost anything from £50 to £200, so having this functionality built-in is handy, and saves space too.

The six-litre cooking pot has a non-stick ceramic coating. There’s also an extra rack for cooking on two levels at once. This means you can do your protein and veg at the same time.

All parts are dishwasher-safe, except the pressure cooking lid.

Ninja Foodi vs Instant Pot

The Foodi has many of the features you’ll find on popular rival pressure cookers, such as allowing the pressure to release naturally – handy for those nervous about dealing with the steam or who just want completely hands-off cooking.

It’s missing a delay timer that you will find on the Instant Pot though, so you can’t set it to cook in advance. You also have to to input the time and temperature of cooking yourself, as there aren’t any preset cooking programs.

The 6-litre capacity is generous – on a par with the Sage and Instant Pot models – but it is a very large appliance, so you’ll need to have plenty of space to spare on your kitchen worktop. You have to leave the main lid open when cooking with the pressure lid too, so it may not fit under kitchen cupboards.

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Ninja Foodi vs air fryers

Air fryers need very little oil, and instead use hot air to make crispy ‘fried’ food with less fat, so it’s no wonder that they’re a popular kitchen gadget.

The Foodi’s air-frying function works like most other air fryers there’s a removable basket for cooking, with holes in that allow fat to drain away.

It can hold 1.1kg of chips (around five large portions), which is pretty roomy. There are air fryers with larger capacities though. The biggest Tefal Actifry XL or Philips Airfryer XXL models can hold around 1.5kg.

You don’t get a viewing window for checking on your chips, though popping open the lid will pause the cooking, and it resets when you put it back down. There are no preset options either – you’ll have to check the cheat sheet for the time and temperature your chips need then set it manually.

Does it make good fried food?

While some air fryers make tasty, crispy chips, we’ve found plenty that fail to deliver that perfect combination of crunch and inner fluffiness. The worst models turn out an unappealing mix of raw and burnt fries. Did the Ninja Foodi get it right? Read our full Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker review to find out. We’ll be fully testing this model very soon, with full results due in early December, so keep an eye out for our official verdict.

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