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Shark cordless handheld vacuum: is this the handheld dust-buster you’ve been looking for?

We've tested Shark's new compact cordless cleaner to see if it's worth splashing out on

Shark cordless handheld vacuum: is this the handheld dust-buster you’ve been looking for?

Update for 12 August 2020: We’ve now fully tested this handheld vacuum. Read our full Shark WV200UK handheld vacuum review to find out if it’s one we recommend.

Shark’s new WV200UK cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is designed for quick clean ups around the home.  But is it worth spending £130 on when you can buy a full-sized cordless vacuum that also cleans floors for this price?

Unlike the clunky looking dust-busters of old, the Shark handheld vac has had a slimline makeover, so it won’t look out of place in a modern kitchen.

It’s tiny, and has a smart charging stand so you can keep it to hand on a worktop, ready for tackling stray crumbs or spilled cereal.

If you’re not quite ready to go cordless with your main vacuum, or yours doesn’t have a handheld cleaner, it could be handy to have around. But can it suck up spills effectively, and last long enough to tackle car interiors, stairs and more?

Get our verdict in the full Shark handheld vacuum review.

Shark WV200UK cordless: key features

The Shark comes in two versions: the £130 version has just one battery which lasts for ten minutes of cleaning.

There’s also a version with two swappable batteries – the WV251UK – which doubles your cleaning time. It’s usually more expensive but we’ve seen it on sale for the same price as the one-battery version, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for deals as 20 minutes gives you much more cleaning time to play with.

Both models come with a tool for cleaning stairs and upholstery, and a two-in-one crevice tool and dusting brush.

You can store the vac on its stylish charging base, which also has space to store the spare battery and one of the two provided tools.

The dust container is a modest 0.1 litres, which is pretty small, and it weighs 0.9kg.

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Shark Cordless Handheld vs Dyson V7 Trigger

At £130 the Shark is more expensive than most other cordless handheld vacs we’ve tested, apart from Dyson’s handheld-only model, the V7 Trigger. Here’s how the two models compare on spec:

Shark WV200UK Dyson V7 Trigger
Price £130 £199
Weight 0.9kg 1.98kg
Dust capacity 0.1 litres 0.6 litres
Run time on standard 10 mins (single battery) 32 mins
Tools Upholstery tool, crevice tool and dusting brush Mini turbo tool, crevice tool, 2-in-1 upholstery tool and dusting brush


The Dyson V7 Trigger has a much longer 32 minute runtime (on the standard setting) and comes with a motorised mini-turbo tool for sucking up pet hair from carpets. It’s a little heavier than the Shark, weighing 1.98kg, but also has a larger dust capacity.

However, the Dyson is also much more expensive, and at that price point, you may as well pay for a full-sized Dyson V7 cordless vacuum, which can clean floors too.

Read our Dyson V7 cordless vacuum review to find out how this model copes with tough cleaning jobs such as clearing stray pet hair and crumbs.

Handheld vs cordless vacuum cleaners: which should you buy?

Many cordless vacuums convert to handheld cleaners, so it’s worth considering whether spending more than £100 on a handheld vacuum cleaner could be better invested in trading up to a cordless vacuum that can clean floors as well as small spillages.

Cordless vacuums can range in price from £50 to more than £600. However, if you’re on a budget you need to choose with care as our independent tests have shown that more than a third of cordless vacuums are terrible at cleaning.

See which models we recommend in our round-up of the best cordless vacuum cleaners and know the models to avoid by checking our list of Don’t Buy cordless vacuums for 2020.

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