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Are Currys dishwashers any good?

We've found that you generally get what you pay when buying a dishwasher. Find out whether these budget options buck the trend.

Are Currys dishwashers any good?

The Currys dishwashers we’ve just reviewed are the cheapest dishwashers we’ve tested in years – both under £190.

We usually find that dishwashers costing less than £250 are more difficult to load and unload, and are worse at drying.

Cheap dishwashers often lack some basic features, such as a display that tells you the time remaining on your wash, or a delay-start option so you can set the dishwasher to switch on at another time.

We’ve found fantastic dishwashers that are good enough to be Which? Best Buys for less than £250 in the past, though. So you don’t always need to spend a lot to get pristine, sparkling results.

See the best dishwashers.

Currys dishwasher reviews

Currys Essentials CDW60W18 (£189)

Currys Essentials CDW60W18 dishwasher
  • Pros: Delay-start option, program for delicate glassware, two fast-wash options
  • Cons: No time-remaining display, no auto program, no child lock

This Currys dishwasher has a surprising range of programs, proving that you don’t always need to pay more to get more.

It includes a main, eco and intensive wash, but there’s also a program for delicate glassware, which washes at a lower temperature to protect delicate crystal and stemmed wine glasses.

There are two fast-wash options: a 65°C wash for 50 minutes and a quick 40°C wash for 30 minutes.

The dishwasher is available in three different colours: white, black and dark silver. The black and silver options are slightly more expensive, at £199 and £210 respectively.

It can hold 12 place settings, which means you can squeeze in 12 sets of crockery. That’s the minimum capacity for a full-sized dishwasher, so this model might be on the small side if you have a large household or loads of washing up.

Read the rest of our Essentials CDW60W18 review to find out how well it cleans and dries.

Pay an extra tenner and you could get the Beko DFN05310W (£199) with 13 place settings, one more than the Essentials CDW60W18. It’s available in the same colours, but doesn’t have special glassware program and there’s no delay start.

Currys Essentials CDW45W18 (£180)

Currys Essentials CDW45W18 dishwasher
  • Pros: Delay-start option, program for delicate glassware, two fast-wash options
  • Cons: No time-remaining display, no auto program, no child lock

The Essentials CDW45W18 is the slimline version of the CDW60W18. It has the same features and programs, but holds 10 place settings instead of 12.

For a tenner more, you could get the Bush BFSLNB9W dishwasher. It also has 10 place settings and there’s a choice of four programs – eco, quick (30 minutes), super (50 minutes) and intensive. It also has a child lock.

Are cheap dishwashers any good?

On average, dishwashers that cost £250 or less score six percentage points less in our testing than those that cost more.

Quiet dishwashers are rare, but you’re even less likely to find a quiet one if you’re on a budget.

Of all the dishwashers we’ve tested that cost £250 or less, eight out of 10 get just one star (bad) in our noise testing.

There are dishwashers that clean well and not so well to be found at every budget.

Compare our dishwasher reviews to make sure your money goes further.

What can you get by paying more?

Pay more than £250 for your dishwasher and here’s what else you’ll get:

  • Most have an auto program. This will measure how dirty the plates, glasses and cutlery are, and then adjust the temperature, amount of water used, and duration of the program to suit.
  • Spending more will also mean you can get a smart dishwasher. You can control these remotely via an app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • More and more expensive dishwashers are beginning to include automatic open-door drying. This means that the door cracks opens at the end of the wash to allow steam to escape, helping everything to get dry.

Head to our guide on how to buy the best dishwasher.

If you’re looking to spend more, follow the links below to check out the other dishwashers we’ve recently tested.

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