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Tineco Pure One S12: can it outsmart Dyson?

The S12 has a digital display, auto cleaning mode and a smartphone app. It's £100 cheaper than the V11 Absolute too. Can it clean up?

Tineco Pure One S12: can it outsmart Dyson?

Tineco is a vacuum cleaner brand you might not be familiar with, but it’s making quite the debut with the Pure One S12 cordless vacuum, now available for the first time in the UK on Amazon.

At £499, this flagship model is £100 cheaper than the Dyson V11 Absolute, but looks similarly futuristic. It has a digital control display, which alerts you to how much battery you have left and lets you adjust the power level. There’s also a dust sensor that tracks how dirty your floors are as you go, so you know when to move on to the next patch.

It’s also a smart vacuum, meaning it can connect to an app on your phone, providing real-time dust pick-up stats, maintenance alerts and even remote control.

Can this stylish new arrival compete with the big guns and give you intelligent cleaning for less? Read the full Tineco Pure One S12 review to get our verdict.

Video: Tineco Pure One S12 vs Dyson V11 Absolute

If you’re looking for the latest in premium features, the Dyson V11 Absolute and Tineco Pure One S12 are top of the cordless vacuum game. Here’s what sets them apart from the competition:

Digital control display

Eye-catching digital display panels on the handle help you keep tabs on power levels, battery life and any maintenance issues that might come up as you clean, such as a blocked tube. This is a step above the basic power controls you’ll usually find on other cordless vacuums. Most give a rough indication of how much battery life is left, but these models offer next-level precision.

On the V11 Absolute, you’ll get an estimate of how much cleaning time you have left in minutes, and this will update itself if you switch to a lower or higher-power mode. The Tineco S12 shows what percentage of the battery is left. You can also override its default auto mode with a slider power control if you want more juice.

Auto cleaning mode

Both the Dyson and the Tineco can adjust suction automatically. This should mean the optimal balance of cleaning power and battery life, and saves you fiddling with the controls as you move around the house.

They work slightly differently though. The V11 Absolute measures brush bar resistance to detect a change in surface from hard floor to carpet, and increases the power when you switch. The Pure One S12 uses a dust sensor to determine how dirty a surface is, and ups the suction for filthier floors.

Basic specs compared: Dyson V11 Absolute vs Tineco Pure One S12

Here’s how the two models measure up on key specifications:

Tineco Pure One S12 Dyson V11 Absolute
Price £499 £599
Runtime (claimed) 100 minutes (both batteries combined) 60 minutes (12 on max power)
Weight 3.0kg 3.2kg
Dust capacity 0.6 litres 0.9 litres
Features Auto clean, dust sensor, LED headlights, filter cleaning tool, digital display, spare battery Auto clean, digital display, dust ejector
Tools Combi floorhead, crevice, flexi-crevice, dusting, upholstery, mini turbo, detangling comb Combi floorhead, crevice, dusting, upholstery, soft roller floortool, mini turbo, accessory clip

You’ll get more cleaning time with the Tineco, but Dyson’s bigger bin will be able to handle more dust before it needs emptying.

Tineco Pure One S12: the extras

The S12 has a few additional tricks up its sleeve:

Dust sensor

Located in the cleaner head, at the top of the cleaning tube, this monitors how much dust and debris is being sucked up during cleaning. As well as adjusting the suction (when in auto mode), it also gives a simple visual guide to how clean your floors are. A ring of light on the display panel glows red when the sensor detects dirty floors, and changes to blue it cleans.

This also means that the auto clean mode will work with any attachment, as the sensor is stowed in the main vacuum body, whereas with the Dyson it only works if you’re using the main torque floorhead.

Smart controls

Connect to the Tineco app on your phone and you can see exactly how much dust you’ve picked up (if the state of the dust container isn’t proof enough), as well as seeing maintenance tips and alerts. You can even control the vac remotely or watch YouTube videos – both of which seem unnecessary unless you’re a serious multi-tasker.

Other extras:

  • Spare battery – so you can always have one charging in case you run out mid-clean
  • Detangling comb – for cleaning out the brush and bin
  • Filter cleaning tool – uses the vacuum’s suction to clear dust from the filter for a quick and easy clean
  • LED lights on the floorhead – for highlighting dusty corners

You can also lock the trigger button in place, so you don’t have to hold the power on for lengthy household cleans.

What the Dyson has that the Tineco doesn’t

The Tineco might have some tempting features, but the Dyson V11 has some thoughtful practical additions that could make everyday cleaning easier, including:

  • Dust ejector – helps to push debris out of the container and into the bin
  • Dynamic battery life countdown – see exactly how much cleaning time you have left
  • Freestanding charging – so you don’t have to screw the wall-mount unit to your walls
  • Rubber stopper – so you can lean it against the wall without it slipping
  • Accessory clip – allows you to attach two mini tools to the cleaning tube for easy access

Tineco Pure One S12: should you buy it?

On the face of it the Tineco could be a savvy choice, allowing you to get your hands on features such as auto cleaning without shelling out top whack for the V11 Absolute. But you’ll want to be sure it actually delivers on the cleaning front, particularly as £500 is still a significant investment for a cordless vacuum.

We’ve been busy testing out the S12, putting it through the exact same dust pick-up tests and ease of use checks as we do every other cordless vacuum. Head to our full Tineco Pure One S12 review to get our verdict on its auto cleaning feature, and how it compares with the Dyson. You can also see our independent review of the Dyson V11 Absolute, to find out whether it lives up to the price tag.

We’ve also tested a couple of cheaper Tineco models – the Tineco A10 Hero and A10 Hero +. Head to our Tineco cordless vacuum reviews to see how this new player on the block fared in our tough vacuuming tests.

Choosing the best cordless vacuum

If you’re not keen on spending quite so much on  cordless technology, the good news is we’ve found some brilliant cheaper cordless vacuums that will clean well for less.

You might have to put up with fewer features and a shorter battery life, but with some Best Buys around the £200 mark, that might be a sacrifice worth making. Head to our round-up of the best cordless vacuum cleaners to find the best for your budget.

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