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Which? reveals the UK’s best mattress brands for 2019

Our exclusive survey of more than 5,000 mattress owners has found big differences in sleeping comfort between the best and worst mattress brands

Which? reveals the UK’s best mattress brands for 2019

With an outstanding customer score of 88%, the mattress brand that topped our survey achieved a maximum five stars for comfort and how well it met expectations.

Making the wrong choice, on the other hand, could mean a restless night’s sleep. The worst mattress brand scored just 63% overall – well below the top performers in our table – and only got two stars for comfort.

Visit our guide to the best mattress brands for 2019 to find out how high-street brands including Dreams, Ikea and  John Lewis measure up against online-only rivals such as Casper and Eve.

Who makes the most comfortable mattresses?

The top three brands in our April 2019 survey of 5,830 Which? members all achieved excellent five-star ratings for comfort, meaning that almost all owners found their mattress comfy to sleep on.

This is reflected in comments we received. Many owners of the top-scoring brand said that their mattress has remained just as comfortable as when they bought it, even after years of use.

In contrast, many owners of the the least comfortable brand in our survey told us that their mattress was comfortable to start with but has become progressively less so over the years.

The type of mattress you choose can have a big impact on how comfy you find it to sleep on, and may depend on your size and preferred sleeping position.

Our guide to choosing the best type of mattress will help you establish the differences between pocket sprung, memory foam, latex and more.

Which mattress brand is the best value for money?

Some of the most comfortable brands don’t come cheap, and are likely to set you back £500 or more. But there are plenty of brands in the top half of our table that got good value-for-money ratings, so buying on a budget doesn’t have to mean a bad mattress.

In fact, 57% of those that bought a mattress from the best brand for value for money gave it the highest possible rating for this, alongside testimonies such as the one below.

Our mattress tests have found a range of Best Buys for less than £300 – find out which are the best for support and durability in our selection of the best cheap mattresses for 2019.

What’s your sleeping style?

Do you curl up in a compact ball, or are you a starfish-style sprawler? We asked Which? members who took our mattress brand survey about their preferred sleeping position – the results are below.

The most popular sleeping position by far is when you sleep on your side, with your arms out in front of you – one we call ‘the yearning dreamer’. More than half of people said they slept in this position regularly.

The least popular – among Which? members at least – is ‘the shooting star’, when you lie on your back with your arms stretched up over your head.

Whatever your sleeping style, there is a Which? Best Buy mattress for you. Head over to our mattress reviews to find out which mattresses made it through our tests with flying colours.

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