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Samsung’s Powerstick Jet cordless vacuum mops too: can it rival Dyson?

We take this sweeping mop cordless vacuum cleaner for a spin

Samsung’s Powerstick Jet cordless vacuum mops too: can it rival Dyson?

Samsung may not traditionally be top of mind when you come to buy a new vacuum cleaner, but its latest cordless model is certainly designed to turn heads.

In addition to the usual dust-zapping floor head, the Powerstick Jet has a ‘spinning sweeper head’ that you can use with washable microfibre cloths or disposable wipes to get your floors gleaming.

That’s not all, though. It also has a telescopic cleaning tube you can adjust to match your height, a charging stand, so you don’t need to drill into the wall, and a removable battery that’s claimed to last for up to one hour.

It’s currently only available direct from Samsung.co.uk. But is it a cordless contender worth considering or a gimmick that’s destined to the same fate as the old Dyson Hard vacuum and mop (RIP)?

Get our initial verdict in the full Samsung Powerstick Jet VS9000 first look review.

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Samsung Powerstick Jet vs Dyson V11 Absolute

At £599 for the top-end model, which includes the mopping attachment, you’re into Dyson pricing territory. Here’s how it compare with Dyson’s most recent model, the V11, on spec:

Samsung Powerstick Jet* Dyson V11 Absolute**
Price £599 £599**
Weight 2.8kg 3.2kg
Dust capacity 0.5 litres 0.9 litres
Run time 1 hour 1 hour 16 minutes
Run time (turbo mode) 6 minutes 13 minutes
Digital display Yes (mode, separate battery indicator) Yes (mode, maintenance alerts, real-time battery countdown)
Features Telescopic tube, mop attachment, washable dust container, charging stand, removable battery Auto-suction control, digital countdown display, dust ejection system
*Based on manufacturer claims **Based on our lab tests. Price recently dropped to £500, but £599 is the typical/launch price

As you can see, the Samsung is lighter, but the Dyson offers more cleaning time on one charge and has more than double the turbo run time, which should help you tackle stubborn dust on carpets.

The larger dust container also means fewer trips to the bin, handy if you have a larger space to clean.

Both models have extras designed take the hassle out of cleaning and tempt you to part with your cash. It will come down to what matters to you more, but at this price you’ll also want to know if they will clean brilliantly.

See how previous Samsung cordless vacuums have fared in our tough cleaning tests and check our Dyson V11 Absolute review to see if these added extras make cleaning a breeze.

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Is a vacuum that mops really a good idea?

Combining vacuuming and mopping in one appliance seems like the perfect solution for busy households, especially those with pets or children – who may be prone to tramping mud around.

Unfortunately, past experience has shown us that multi-tasking appliances can fall a bit flat.

You may not remember the Dyson Hard – a version of the brand’s iconic cordless stick vacuum, launched in 2013, that also mopped as you cleaned (using a glorified wet wipe attached to the bottom).

Frankly, it’s probably best forgotten: we were less than impressed with the results when we tried it out. Instead of being sparkling clean, hard floors were left with soggy debris that needed several attempts to clear.

Could this Samsung be a game-changer, though? It doesn’t try to vacuum and mop at once, instead opting for a different floor head that you can attach after you’ve given your floors a once over with the vacuum.

You can choose between reusable microfibre cloths (that need a quick soak in water before use) or disposable pads that are pre-moistened and ready to go.

Check back to see how the Samsung Powerstick Jet compares with the big hitters on dust pick-up, allergen retention and more when we put it to the test in our lab.

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