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Best and worst fridge freezer brands for 2020: where do Beko, Bosch and Samsung rank?

Find out for how long the average fridge freezer stays fault-free and how much you need to spend to get the very best brand

Best and worst fridge freezer brands for 2020: where do Beko, Bosch and Samsung rank?

One in three fridge freezers from the least reliable brand develop a fault within the first four years, according to exclusive Which? research.

But buy from the most reliable brands and your odds rise to one in eight, dramatically reducing the likelihood of you having to shell out for costly repairs just a few short years into the appliance’s life.

That’s according to our recent survey of almost 3,000 members, who told us whether they’ve had any problems with their fridge freezer and how happy they are with it with it, in our unique reliability and customer satisfaction survey.

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Fridge freezer brands: price vs reliability

It will probably come as little surprise to learn that some of the most expensive fridge freezer brands are also among the most reliable, with two of the priciest brands money can buy ranking among the five most reliable brands.

But don’t assume that you have to spend a fortune to get a long-lasting fridge freezer, or that spending more guarantees fewer faults.

One of the cheaper brands in our survey, which makes fridge freezers costing as little as £299, is the joint-second most reliable brand overall, ranking above both of the two priciest brands.

Plus, the third most expensive brand overall ranked in the bottom of our reliability table, with a significant proportion of owners reporting that models from this brand developed an issue where ice started building up in the fridge.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to spend a fortune for a fantastic fridge freezer. See our list of the top five cheap fridge freezers.

Big-name fridge freezer brands

We have exclusive reliability data on 18 of the biggest fridge freezer brands, including Beko, Bosch and Samsung.

Beko fridge freezers

Beko is both the third most popular fridge freezer brand and the third cheapest on average, according to our annual survey of almost 3,000 Which? members.

But while prices start from as little as £239, this brand isn’t just aimed at bargain-hunters. We’ve tested models costing nearly £1,000 that are packed full of desirable features, from door alarms and chill compartments, to wine bottle shelves and water dispensers.

Unfortunately, although Beko has a better reliability record than many of its main rivals, the brand does also have a couple of Don’t Buys to its name, so you’ll want to pick your model carefully if you decide this is the brand for you.

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Bosch fridge freezers

Bosch is the second most commonly owned fridge freezer brand among Which? members, with more than 500 people telling us about their experiences with this brand.

That’s perhaps not surprising when you consider that, of the 40 Bosch fridge freezers we’ve tested, three in ten are good enough to earn our Best Buy seal of approval. Plus, fewer than one in ten Bosch fridge freezers develop a fault within the first two years, which is better than many brands.

But bear in mind that fridge freezers from this brand are less likely to be fully frost-free, which could be a dealbreaker for some. One in every four models we’ve reviewed is low-frost, rather than no-frost, meaning you will still occasionally need to go through the arduous process of defrosting them by hand if you opt for one of these models.

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Samsung fridge freezers

Samsung is the most widely owned fridge freezer brand among Which? members, just edging out Bosch in our survey. Of the two most popular brands, one has a higher reliability score, while the other has a higher customer score, meaning owners are more likely to be satisfied with it.

It’s easy to assume that all Samsung fridge freezers are expensive, especially when the average price of one is £762.

But while Samsung certainly isn’t the cheapest brand around, that average is skewed by the fact that it makes some of the most expensive American fridge freezers money can buy, such as the Samsung Family Hub RS68N8941SL/EU, a smart appliance costing close to £2,000.

But if you’re looking for a freestanding model from this desirable brand, prices start at just £329. In total, we’ve reviewed nine Samsung fridge freezers costing less than £500, including one integrated model.

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