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Which? reveals four new best ovens for 2020

We’ve taken a new batch of ovens to our lab - make sure yours will guarantee you perfect bakes

Which? reveals four new best ovens for 2020

We’ve just had four new Best Buys to ovens in our latest round of testing. All these ovens can be relied upon to heat up accurately and cook evenly.

If, like many of us, you’ve turned to baking to keep yourself occupied while the country is in lockdown, you may well have discovered that your oven isn’t performing quite as it should.

A lack of decent usable space, an unruly thermostat or a lack-lustre grill can all make an oven a pain to use. If that sounds like yours, it might be time to upgrade.

We’ve tested 10 new models, costing from £210 up to nearly £1,400, from brands including Hoover, John Lewis, Miele and Neff.

Read on to learn more about how their cooking capabilities compare, or head straight to our oven reviews for a full list of all the models we’ve tested.

Neff Slide&Hide B47CS34H0B oven, £800

The B47CS34H0B is another sleek, single oven from Neff – well-known for manufacturing the preferred ovens of the ‘Bake Off’ tent. But will this model ensure star bakes?


It features Neff’s signature Slide&Hide door, which slots underneath the oven cavity and allows you to get closer to your baking. A pair of telescopic runners keep heavy dishes steady as you load and unload.

Catalytic liners on the sides, back and ceiling mean that fatty cooking spills are burnt off when you cook at high temperatures, spelling an end to tedious scrubbing.

When we test ovens, we find out whether their temperatures are accurate and maintain a consistent heat – which you’ll need for perfect cakes.

Head to our full Neff B47CS34H0B review to find out how it scored in the lab.

Miele H7164BP oven, £1,386

Those on a generous budget might be tempted by the Miele H7164BP. As you’d expect for the price, it comes with a range of high-tech extras.

It’s got a pyrolytic self-cleaning function and will even release steam to crisp up the crusts of your home-baked bread. Plus, it’s wi-fi-enabled and connects to your smartphone.

That said, it’s a hefty investment for a single oven, especially when you consider that we’ve found Best Buys that cost less than £250. It’s only worth paying for extras if it can do its main job perfectly.

So will this all-singing, all-dancing model result in delicious dinners? Read our in-depth Miele H7164BP oven review to find out.

Cheap double ovens

You might think that double the oven space would mean double the price, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you’ve got lots of mouths to feed and you’re on a budget, we’ve just tested two cheap double ovens.

Both the Electriq EQDO1BLACK (£380, below left) and the Amica ADC900SS (£304, below right) have the usable volume to squeeze a whole turkey and another tray of food into their main ovens. This leaves plenty of space for any extras to overflow into the top oven.

The Electriq model has a grill in each compartment and a multi-function main oven.

Multi-function ovens let you use more than one function at a time – for example, the grill and fan together. This is good for cooking through thicker pieces of fish or meat.

While you can’t hope for a self-cleaning mode at these prices, if the ovens are accurate and spread heat evenly, one of these could be a great choice.

Read our full reviews of the Electriq EQDO1BLACK double oven and the Amica ADC900SS double oven for their full results.

Ovens that overheat

Our tests often find ovens that run hotter than the correct temperature, which can spell disaster for delicate dishes and bakes.

You can adapt to an oven if it tends to vary from the correct temperature a little. But if it’s a larger gap, or the temperature jumps around during cooking, you could be in for some disappointing results.

Head to our free advice on why oven temperature matters to find out more.

Ovens on test

Click on the links to go to the full reviews of the latest ovens we’ve tested, or head to our full list of oven reviews.

Single ovens

Double ovens

Prices correct as of 24 April 2020.

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