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23 Dec 2021

5 baby carriers and slings for Christmas or Boxing Day walks

Head outdoors with your baby or toddler during the festive period by carrying them in a carrier or sling
Parent on a beach with baby carrier

If you're looking forward to a few winter walks with your bundle of joy and want to leave the pushchair at home, a baby carrier or sling may come in handy.

Carriers and slings keep your baby close so you can easily check on them. Sharing your body heat with your little one ensures they stay pretty toasty, too.

We've pulled together five carriers and slings, all of which have recently gone through rigorous testing by Which?, that could join you on your festive walk.

Read on to find out whether they're comfortable and easy to use or head straight to our Best Buy baby slings and carriers reviews.

Baby carriers and slings suitable for winter walks

Ergobaby Embrace, £79.90

Ergobaby Embrace
  • Min. baby weight: 3.2kg
  • Max. baby weight: 11.3kg
  • Positions: 3
  • Machine washable: Yes

This is a compact and lightweight carrier that's less bulky than some of the other Ergobaby carriers, so might be good for wearing under a winter coat. Apparently it can be rolled up to fit into a nappy bag.

It has three front-carrying positions to choose from and is available in six colours.

Read our review of the Ergobaby Embrace to find out how it compares to some of the more expensive baby carriers we've tested.

Nuna Cudl, £149.99

Nuna Cudl baby carrier
  • Min. baby weight: 3kg
  • Max. baby weight: 16kg
  • Positions: 4
  • Machine washable: Yes

The Cudl is a versatile carrier offering four carrying positions; three for front-carrying and one for back-carrying.

It also comes with some useful extras including two attachable bibs to keep the top of the carrier clean and fresh and it's made from a breathable mesh material.

Read our review of the Nuna Cudl to find out whether it's higher price means better quality compared to the other baby carriers we've tested.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini 3D Jersey, £79.99

BabyBjorn Mini 3D Jersey Baby Carrier
  • Min. baby weight: 3.2kg
  • Max. baby weight: 11kg
  • Positions: 3
  • Machine washable: Yes

A lightweight carrier with three front-carrying positions to choose from.

It's available in a wide range of colours and fabrics and there's optional extras such as a water and wind resistant cover for colder walks.

BabyBjorn baby carriers are popular amongst parents but they also have their critics. Read our BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini 3D Jersey review to find out what the lab and our parent testers thought of it.

Close Caboo Lite, £55

Close Caboo Lite baby sling
  • Min. baby weight: 2.3kg
  • Max. baby weight: 14.5kg
  • Positions: 2
  • Machine washable: Yes

This fabric sling has two carrying positions - front inward-facing or in a hip-carrying position, from when your baby is six months old.

There are two parts to it - the sling which is fastened using metal rings that you pull the fabric through for a tailored fit, and a second piece of material that you wrap around yourself for extra support.

The wrap can act as additional insulation when you're out in the cold but check you can tie the knot of the wrap material around your front or side so it doesn't dig into your back when your coat is on.

Find out more about this wrap's comfort and how good the carrying position is for your baby by reading our review of the Close Caboo Lite.

Moby Classic Wrap, £45

Moby Classic baby sling
  • Min. baby weight:3.6kg
  • Max. baby weight: 15kg
  • Positions: 2
  • Machine washable: Yes

This 100% cotton sling has two carrying positions - front inward-facing or in a hip-carrying position.

You can tie the knot of the wrap material around your front or side so it doesn't dig into your back when your coat is on.

It's made from a soft, breathable fabric that has some stretch. It can be machine-washed and can safely go in the tumble dryer, for added convenience.

Find out how this wrap sling scored in our testing by reading our review of the Moby Classic Wrap.

Five tips for using baby carriers or slings during cold weather

Parents with baby in a carrier

One more layer rule

Your baby should wear one more layer than what you as an adult feel comfortable wearing - but remember that a fabric sling wrapped around them will act as a layer of clothing.

Clothing will also depend on whether you intend to carry your baby under or over your coat.

A hat is a must in both cases unless you're tucking your baby's head under one side of a fabric sling, as a baby's extremities tend to get cold first.

Gloves or built-in mittens that are part of an all-in-one babygro are also useful, as are booties.

Avoid snowsuits as they may cause your little one to overheat, and they can prevent your baby from sitting in an ergonomic and safe position. That's because the material is too stiff to allow hips and knees to bend properly.

Keep an eye on temperature

Babies can't regulate their temperature in the same way as adults so it can be easy for them to get too hot or cold. Remember, while you're walking, you'll be exerting yourself and staying warm, but your baby is immobile so may get cold.

Alternatively, if you've wrapped your baby up warmly and they're cuddled into you closely, they may get too warm.

Check your baby's temperature regularly. You can do this by putting your hand down the back of their top to see if they've become sweaty or clammy (a sign of overheating) or if their hands or feet are cold.

Keep your scarf in check

A scarf wrapped around your neck could be an issue if it's resting over your baby and obstructing airflow by covering their mouth.

If you do wear one, make sure it's wrapped tightly round you and is not obstructing your baby in any way.

Baby asleep in a sling

Check your coat comfortably fits

Some carriers feature wide or thick straps that spread across your shoulders to help even out the weight - and slings can be quite bulky with knots that you tie up at the back.

Both could make wearing them under a coat a little trickier, so it's worth considering this before heading out.

Look for compatible accessories

Some brands of carriers have optional accessories such as water and wind resistant covers, which could be useful if you regularly go on wintry walks with your little one.

You'll also be able to find universal covers that can fold up small so you can take it with you on a walk.

Read our guide to which baby carrier or sling you should buy for more tips on what to consider when carrying your baby.