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5 grass trimmers and strimmers that Which? experts rate

Our in-depth grass trimmer tests highlight which models effortlessly get lawn edges neat or chop through weeds and long grass

With the sun beaming down on your lawn, now is a great time to invite friends and family over. But before you send out those invites, you'll no doubt want to neaten up your garden so it's looking its best. Discover some of the best grass trimmers and strimmers we've tested.

Our list of impressive grass trimmers and strimmers includes a sub-£100 Flymo with a rotating head, along with a cordless Worx model that's bundled with two batteries to keep it running until the job is done. Every model we've picked out has scored particularly well for cutting performance, so you can be sure you're snagging a fantastic product.

Read on as we take a closer look at five grass trimmers that performed brilliantly in our expert tests or explore our guide on the best grass trimmers and strimmers to pick the perfect model for you.  

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At a glance: brilliant grass trimmers and strimmers

  • Great value: Flymo 650E – a corded electric trimmer that has a telescopic handle. Buy it now from Appliances Direct (£64.97), Robert Dyas (£84.99) and Wilko (£90).
  • Light and easy to use: Flymo Contour Cordless 20V – a lightweight trimmer with a rotating head and a plant guard to protect your flowerbeds. Buy it now from Amazon (£119.99), CheapMowers.com (£129) and Mad4Tools.com (£140.77).
  • Good lawn edger: Worx WG184E – this cordless grass trimmer takes two 20V batteries to provide a longer run time. Buy it now from ITS (£179.99), Amazon (£199.99) and Very (£199.99).
  • Excellent for clearing weeds and long grass: Ego ST1401E-ST – has various speed settings for different types of grass. Buy it now from Downtown (£259), CheapMowers.com (£285) and Ego Power Plus (£285).
  • Expensive but impressive: Stihl FS94 C-E – a powerful cutter that spools out more line as you need it. Buy it now from FR Jones and Son (£315.83), Mowers2go.com (£378) and Gardening Machinery Direct (£383.71).

Flymo 650E – great value

Available from: Appliances Direct (£64.97), Robert Dyas (£84.99), Wilko (£90)

Flymo 650E

We like: Makes edging easy, simple to use

We don't like: Automatic line-feed doesn't always work well, switch can make your hand ache

This grass trimmer from Flymo is worth adding to your shortlist if you're looking for a capable but affordable model. Widely available for less than £100, it's a corded electric machine with two trimming lines.

The Flymo 650E features a speed sensor which will increase the speed of the line depending on the thickness of the grass you're tackling. You'll be able to adjust the height of the trimmer using the telescopic handle – handy for ensuring you're standing fully upright as you're working around the garden. As you do, the head of the trimmer will rotate and a large plastic wheel keeps the machine steady along lawn edges.

Other features worth mentioning include a plant guard to push border plants out of the way, plus a lay-flat design that'll help you reach underneath benches and bushes.

Did this grass trimmer impress our experts enough to become a Best Buy? See our Flymo 650E review for the answer.

Flymo Contour Cordless 20V – light and easy to use

Available from: Amazon (£119.99), CheapMowers.com (£129), Mad4Tools.com (£140.77)

Flymo Contour Cordless 20V

We like: Effective line feed, lightweight, good battery life

We don't like: Not really powerful enough for bigger jobs

We've highlighted this Flymo grass trimmer as it's particularly lightweight (2.6kg), which you'll appreciate if you're spending all afternoon in the garden. It's a cordless model with a 20V Li-ion battery, which is interchangeable with other products in the brand's C-Link family.

The Flymo Contour Cordless is well-suited if you're edging a lawn and cuts using a single line feed that's fed automatically or manually. There are a couple of features that make it a breeze to use, including an extendable pole, adjustable handle and a rotating head.

It took us around 10 minutes to set up this grass trimmer for the first time, which isn't bad at all. You're unlikely to have trouble adjusting the length of the trimmer or rotating the head to suit the task you're dealing with.

To find out exactly how well this Flymo model cuts, see our Flymo Contour Cordless 20V review.

Worx WG184E – good lawn edger

Available from: ITS (£179.99), Amazon (£199.99), Very (£199.99)

Worx WG184E

We like: Deals well with lawn edges, cuts long and thick grass, easy to use

We don't like: The line can break occasionally

Here's another grass trimmer that performed brilliantly in our rigorous tests. The Worx WG184E is a cordless model that takes two 20V batteries to provide additional power and a longer run time. Note that those batteries can also be used with other 20V Worx tools.

This Worx trimmer powers its way through grass using a single line that's fed automatically – if you want to, you can manually feed it as well. The handle can be adjusted, and the head of this Worx rotates to 90⁰, allowing you to between vertical cutting and horizontal trimming.

If you're shopping for a versatile grimmer, we think this model is worth a closer look.

For more on this cordless grass trimmer, explore our full Worx WG184E review.

Ego ST1401E-ST – excellent for clearing weeds and long grass

Available from: Downtown (£259), CheapMowers.com (£285), Ego Power Plus (£285)

Ego ST1401E-ST

We like: User-friendly design, interesting add-ons, great performance

We don't like: May be too heavy for some users

This featureful cordless EGO grass trimmer has been built to take on a variety of jobs in your garden. It's powered by a beefy 56V battery and weighs in at 5.8kg, which might be on the heavy side for some.

To slice, the Ego ST1401E-ST uses two cutting lines that you need to feed through using a button when they eventually snap. In the box, you also get a spare piece of cutting line. To trim a large swathe of grass in a single movement, you can take advantage of the 35cm cutting width – the handles rotate on this model so you can stay in a comfortable position.

You can adjust the speed of the cut based on the type of grass you're managing, and this Ego will automatically wind up the new spool for you. Your neighbours will certainly be able to hear you working in the garden, although we've tested other grass trimmers that are far noisier.

Is this cordless trimmer one of the best we've tested? See our EGO ST1401E-ST review and find out.

Stihl FS94 C-E – expensive but impressive

Available from: FR Jones and Son (£315.83), Mowers2Go.com (£378), Garden Machinery Direct (£383.71)

Stihl FS94 C-E

We like: Powerful, remains comfortable while you're working

We don't like: Expensive

This petrol brush cutter costs a pretty penny, but for your money, you're getting a particularly strong machine. The Stihl FS94 C-E can take a strimmer head and is powered by a 24cc two-stroke engine with a simplified starter mechanism. Of the trimmers we've tested,  It's one of the easiest petrol models to start.

The trimmer head cuts a 42cm diameter swathe (larger than many trimmers) and uses a bump-feed system that spools out more line as you need it. As the shaft is 184cm in length, the head is positioned at a safe distance from your feet as you cut. 

This Stihl model also has bike handles, which makes it easy to swing the trimmer from side to side. You get goggles bundled in the box.

How does this Stihl model compare to rival trimmers from Flymo and Worx? See our Stihl FS94 C-E review for a full breakdown of the test results.

To find out which grass trimmers and strimmers have flown through our tests to earn Best Buy status, see our guide to the best grass trimmers.

Our grass trimmers and strimmers expert says

‘With a grass trimmer, you can speedily add the finishing touches to your garden. For simple tasks, such as tidying the edges of the lawn by a fence or neatening straggly grass, you won't need a model with lots of features and power.

'Corded electric strimmers tend to be the cheapest and are often fine for the basics – our expert testing has uncovered two Best Buys under £65. But for anything more, you’ll need a cordless or petrol strimmer. Look out for a rotating head so you can cut vertically along paths or borders, plus a wheel on the grass trimmer head to support its weight and maintain a constant cutting height. Head to our grass trimmer and strimmer reviews and look out for our Best Buy recommendations.' 

Verity Mann, Which? grass trimmers and strimmers expert

How we test grass trimmers and strimmers

By consulting our expert reviews when shopping for a grass trimmer, you can be sure you're getting great value for money. Our selection of Best Buys score top marks for cutting short grass, long grass and vegetation. They're a breeze to use, too, so you won't be flicking through the manual every time you pull it out of the shed.

When reviewing grass trimmers and strimmers, we answer important questions including:

  • How well does the trimmer cut short and long grass? For every model that we review, we cut short grass growing over the edge of paths, along a flower border, and against a fence. We check to see how neat the trimmer leaves the grass and note if it struggles with long grass.
  • Will the grass trimmer cut neatly along paths and lawn edges? Our experts see how neat the finish is and how easy it is to guide the trimmer in a straight line. 
  • How often does the line break? We pass the trimmer head close to the edge of a spade 20 times. Plus, we assess how easy it is to open the trimmer head and add or spool out more trimmer line.
  • Is the grass trimmer easy to use? Our product experts can judge which grass trimmers adjust in ways that are helpful to most users. We look at the position of the handles and rotating heads, also noting battery life.

Want to explore the best grass trimmers? Take a look at our reviews.

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