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16 May 2020

Baby slings and carriers for life on lockdown

Find out which baby slings and carriers are ideal for lockdown, and read our safety advice on how to carry your baby
gardening with baby in baby carrier

A baby carrier or baby sling allows you to keep your little one close to you while leaving your hands free for other activities.

Whether you're going out for a walk, doing chores around the house, or enjoying a spot of gardening, a good baby sling or carrier will ensure both you and your baby are safe and comfortable.

We've picked out five baby carriers and slings, at a range of prices, which come with features that could be handy during lockdown.

Want to jump straight to our top picks? See the best baby carriers and slings we've tested.

Five baby carriers and slings we've tested

Cybex Maira, £105

Cybex Maira Click

This Cybex baby carrier, which is suitable from birth, has three different carrying positions. It allows you to carry your baby on your front, back or hip.

It's machine washable, so you can simply pop it in the wash when it needs a clean - great for messy baking sessions with your little one.

Read our Cybex Maira review to see how it fared in our tough safety and durability lab tests.

Ergobaby Omni 360, £132

Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier

Suitable from birth up to 36 months, the Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier can be adjusted to fit your baby's size as they grow.

It has a baby privacy hood, which Ergobaby claims provides UPF 50+ protection from the sun, so you shouldn't have to worry about sunburn when you're out on a hot day.

If you're heading out for a walk, you can store your keys, phone and money in the detachable pouch at the front rather than taking a separate bag.

Read our Ergobaby Omni 360 review to find out how the four different carrying positions are rated.

Close Caboo Lite, £64

Caboo Lite Baby Carrier

With its soft, breathable fabric, this baby sling should help to keep your baby cool in the warmer summer months.

It's made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester and can go in your washing machine, although it needs to be washed inside a pillow case.

Read our Close Caboo Lite review, where we reveal how easy it is to use and how clear the instructions are.

Lille Baby Original, £47

Lille Baby carrier

This lightweight carrier comes with a snooze hood and a handy storage pocket.

It offers six carrying positions, including front, back and hip carry, so you can choose the best position for you and your baby depending on the activity you're doing.

Read our Lille Baby Original review to see the pros and cons of this reasonably priced baby carrier.

Moby Evolution Wrap, £39

Moby Evolution Wrap

The Moby Evolution Wrap is a soft cotton wrap that offers four different ways to carry your baby.

It comes with a carry bag and folds down to a compact size, so you can store it under a pushchair without taking up too much space.

The sling's long length can be adapted to suit different shapes and sizes, so you can easily swap between caregivers.

Read our Moby Evolution Wrap review to find out if it's an ideal wrap to use when breastfeeding.

Baby carrier and sling safety

Putting on baby sling

Follow these guidelines to help keep your baby safe when using a carrier or sling:

  • Your baby should be kept parent-facing until they have developed adequate head and neck control. This may be around five months old, but could be much later.
  • Once your baby has developed enough neck strength, they can be carried world-facing.
  • Cradle carrying is when you use a sling like a pouch to mimic the cradle-style position. This is not recommended, as the baby's head may be bent forward, leading to their airway becoming compressed.
  • Always follow the TICKS advice for safe babywearing.

Watch our video guide on how to tie a baby sling.

Avoid a dangerous fake sling or carrier

Baby asleep in sling

Carrying your baby in a fake sling or carrier can put their safety at risk. Counterfeit products may have bad stitching and flimsy construction, and could contain harmful chemicals and dyes.

Read our guide on how to spot a fake sling or baby carrier to make sure you're choosing a genuine product.

We put every baby carrier and sling we test through tough safety and durability tests to check whether there are any issues that pose a risk to your baby.

Read our baby carrier and baby sling reviews to find out which ones we recommend.