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17 Apr 2020

EasyJet adds online refund form for cancelled flights

Airline joins Ryanair in allowing online claims. But British Airways still forcing customers to phone

Weeks after Which? Travel reported that easyJet was forcing customers to phone to claim refunds for cancelled flights, the UK's biggest airline has finally introduced an online refund form.

It follows in the footsteps of Ryanair, which has always allowed customers to claim online, and leaves British Airways as the last of the big three airlines to require customers to phone up.

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Airline call centres that never answer

Hundreds of airline customers have contacted Which? to say they had found it impossible to contact airline call centres to claim a refund. In one instance, an easyJet customer had called the airline every day for a week and failed to get through.

British Airways customers, after being directed to call the airline to claim a refund, have reported that the phone line is closed. It plays an automated message before hanging up.

How to claim an EasyJet refund for a cancelled flight

EasyJet is now directing customers to an online refund form to claim for cancelled flights. It says that it will do its 'best to complete your request within 28 days'.

28 days is longer than the seven days easyJet is legally allowed to issue refunds for cancellations but, given the exceptional circumstances and number of refunds the airline is dealing with, it's not unreasonable.

Which? has heard from many customers from all airlines who have already been waiting longer than 28 days for a refund.

How to claim a British Airways refund for a cancelled flight

British Airways refuses to give its customers an online form to apply for a refund. You can apply for a travel voucher online, although Which? advises consumers not to accept these - as they have little consumer protection.

BA says customers who want a cash refund must contact it on 0800 727 800. But when Which? tried to pursue this all options on the phone menu, including to claim a refund, end with an automated recording of BA saying it is too busy to take your call. The line then hangs up.

How to claim a Ryanair refund for a cancelled flight

Ryanair customers can use its online form to claim a refund for cancelled flights

But while the form is straightforward, few Ryanair customers have reported receiving the money for their refund. The airline has warned customers to expect a delay due to a backlog of claims. It hasn't given an estimate for when customers can expect to receive their refund.

You are legally entitled to a refund within seven days.