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1 Mar 2019

First look at the iCandy lime pushchair - launched today

Find out what we thought when we took it for a spin

A new iCandy pushchair, the iCandy Lime, hits the shops today. It's the latest pushchair from this iconic baby brand, which brought parents the iCandy Peach and the Apple 2 Pear.

The Lime is a hybrid of the iCandy Orange and the lightweight Raspberry stroller. The travel-system-compatible Lime will cost around £650 but, included in this price, you'll get the fabric to turn the seat into a carrycot, car-seat adaptors, seat elevators and a rain cover, plus a DuoPod footmuff and seat-liner combo.

Key selling points include a large seat taking up to 25kg, a spacious 10kg shopping basket, and a compact fold.

The Lime also has a ride-on platform for older kids, plus it's compatible with a range of baby car seats.

At £650 it's also one of iCandy's cheaper pushchairs - slightly more expensive than the Raspberry (£550), but less than Orange (£850).

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Suitable from birth

Most iCandy pushchairs have a bucket seat, which makes them unsuitable to use with newborns and young babies.

The Lime's seat is the same, but you can use the fabrics supplied to turn the seat into a carrycot format and create a lie-flat surface for your newborn to snooze in.

This also means there's no need to pay more for, or store, a bulky carrycot.

What's it like to push, recline the seat and fold? Find out by reading our full iCandy Lime first look review.

Large shopping basket

We know parents love loads of space to stash bags and the numerous other baby bits you'll need when you're out and about, so the roomy shopping basket on the Lime is very appealing. It looks fairly large and easy to access, and iCandy says it holds up to 10kg.

We've seen similar-sized spacious shopping baskets on the Bugaboo Donkey Duo2 and Joolz Geo2.

Big enough for older babies

The seat has a maximum capacity of 25kg, which could make it ideal if your baby is larger than average.

At the back, on one edge of the shopping basket, you'll also find an integrated ride-on board for older siblings. This should be able to take another 20kg in weight, saving you the hassle of buying a double buggy if you've got a newborn and a toddler to transport.

How practical this will be in reality, we'll find out when we put it through our laboratory pushchair tests, where we'll also be testing stuff you can't tell just by pushing it around, including safety, stability and durability.

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'Compact' fold

According to iCandy, the Lime has a new innovative fold called the 'TotalFold', making it (and we're quoting iCandy here) 'one of the fastest and most compact folds available'.

You don't need to remove either the seat or the bumper bar before folding, and there's a carry handle to help with lifting and moving the pushchair about.

However, when we tried it out, it took a few goes to get the knack of the fold. It might be more compact once folded than other iCandy pushchairs, but it's not the smallest we've seen.

Large hood

Protect your baby from the sunshine or the wind with the large hood. It includes a zip extension and a magnetic viewing window, so you can keep an eye on your little passenger. First impressions are that it provides a decent amount of coverage.

The Lime also comes with a rain cover included, so you can face the British weather without having to budget extra for this accessory.

Reversible seat

An easy-to-use reversible seat unit means that once your baby reaches six months old, you can have them facing you, or swap them to face the world.

When we tried it out, the grips on the reversible seat unit seemed easy enough to use, and it felt fairly stable when swapping directions.

The iCandy Lime comes in more than just lime

The iCandy Lime will be available in a range of bold colours, so if you're not a fan of the lime green, you can swap to something more you.

There are seven different-coloured DuoPods (the footmuff and seat liner) available: green (Lime), red (Cedar), blue (Glacier), yellow (Turmeric), purple (Mulberry), black (Onyx) and grey (Stone). One is included, but an extra one will cost £90.

There's also a choice of seven different hood colours. One is included with the pushchair bundle, but can also be bought separately, so you'll have budget for separately. Price tbc.