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28 Oct 2019

Five essentials parents look for when buying a baby monitor

Signal range, sound and security top the list to help keep babies safe as they sleep

Some baby monitor features are simply nice to have, while others can make a big difference to how well your baby monitor works for you.

We asked 1,360 parents* what things they think are essential when buying a baby monitor. Here are the most popular answers to help you choose the best baby monitor for you.

1. Good signal range

More than two thirds of parents told us they couldn't do without a good signal range.

Choosing a baby monitor with good range will allow you to move around the house without experiencing a drop in image or sound quality. The best monitors will maintain good signal quality even when you are out in the garden while your baby is indoors.

We check the range of every baby monitor we test and rate one (bad) to five (good) stars in our baby monitor reviews.

2. Clear sound

Opting for a baby monitor with clear sound will ensure you can easily hear your baby. This is especially important for audio-only monitors as you aren't able to see your baby.

Find out more tips for buying the best audio baby monitor.

3. Secure from hackers

Smart baby monitors can connect to your smartphone using wi-fi, so you can check in on your little one from your phone. But some have been vulnerable to hacking attacks, which could result in hackers being able to see your baby, or even speak to them through the monitor.

We conduct thorough security checks on every smart baby monitor we test, so you'll know whether a monitor is safe to use. Browse our smart baby monitor reviews to find one that's right for you.

Concerned about smart monitor safety? Read our guide on how to protect your baby monitor from hackers.

4. Easy to set up

A baby monitor that's simple to set up will save you time and effort.

For fuss-free set up, opt for one that gets at least four stars for ease of use.

Five places you should avoid siting your baby monitor to keep your baby safe

5. Long battery life

The longer the battery life on your baby monitor, the less frequently you'll need to charge it.

We recently found that baby monitor battery life is failing to meet parents' expectations with those we've tested lasting only ten hours on average.

For more advice on the different types of baby monitor and the features they offer, head to our full baby monitor buying guide.

*Survey of 1,360 parents who own and use a baby monitor, conducted in March 2019