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16 Apr 2011

Indesit's 'smelly' washing machine

Watchdog viewers slam Indesit Moon washing machine

The Indesit Moon - 'gunge-ridden' machines?

The Indesit Moon has a sleek design - but some BBC Watchdog viewers have found these 'gunge-ridden' washing machines can cause a smell that's just as distinctive.

The Moon, which comes in combinations of silver, blue, white and black, was designed with younger customers in mind and is hard to compare with other models on the market. It works on an almost entirely automatic basis, has only four quick wash program buttons and is very easy to use.

Low temperature washing

But the one big difference is that only three wash temperatures are available - and the highest is 60°C. While our research shows that the most popular wash temperature is 40°C, higher temperature maintenance washes are vital if you want to keep your washing machine in good running order.

We tested the Indesit Moon to see whether it's more than just an example of style over substance. For a full break down of its performance - including wash, spin and rinse results - have a look at our review.

Smelly washing machines

Low temperature washes are becoming more common as people try to cut their energy use. But bacteria can build up if you don't do a regular maintenance or service wash, which can then lead to bad smells and mould in your machine.

Which?washing machines expert Katie Hill said: 'It's really important to do a high temperature wash with an empty drum - at about 90°C - about once a month. It's best to use a detergent with bleaching agents for this maintenance wash - especially if you usually use liquid detergents, which don't combat bacteria in the same way as powders.

'Adding soda crystals or white distilled vinegar to a maintenance wash can also help, so give this a try if you've already started to notice bad smells or mould in your machine.'

Our full video guide to cleaning a smelly washing machine shows you how to prevent and treat your smelly washing machine.

Indesit machines

Indesit recommends leaving the Moon's door open and wiping the door seal after each wash. It has advised customers to call 01733 287 611 or email moon@indesit.com for any further advice.

We've put together an overview of Indesit washing machines, based on our experience of their performance over years of testing. For a full break down of Indesit's strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of other big names like Bosch and Beko, have a look at our best washing machine brands review.

Indesit is a popular brand that produces some fairly low-cost washing machines. We have the test results for 36 Indesit washers, ranging in price from £178 to £342, in our online washing machines review.

The Indesit Moon comes in silver and blue (SIXL145S), silver (SIXL145D), white (SIXL145) and silver and black (SIXL145SK).

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