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30 Nov 2021

New Best Buy hedge trimmers revealed

We've tested some new hedge trimmers and uncovered two new Best Buys
Man cutting hedge

If you've got hedges in your garden - anything from beech, privet, laurel and yew - then a good hedge trimmer can be a blessing, saving you time and preventing aching arms.

Maintaining your hedges not only gives them a neat finish, preventing them from getting out of control, but it also keeps them healthy.

We've recently tested six new cordless hedge trimmers from brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna and Makita to find out if any of them can top the leader board.

We've found two new Best Buy models that are joint first place.

Go straight to the top performers: the best hedge trimmers we've tested or read on for more advice on what to consider before you buy.

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Choosing the best hedge trimmer for your garden

Trimming a small hedge

If you mostly have small hedges, you're better off choosing a model that has a shorter blade as it'll be easier to control, especially when cutting narrow or low hedges. It will also be far easier to trim rounded surfaces, such as on topiary shapes.

Choose a lighter-weight hedge trimmer as you'll likely be bending down to cut short hedges so it will be less tiring.

If you have tall or long hedges, they can be hard work, especially if they're overgrown. It can be harder to reach the tops and their twigs tend to be thicker.

A hedge trimmer with a powerful motor will cut quickly and easily through even the toughest growth. This could be a petrol or powerful cordless battery model, but these can be heavy and tiring to use, so make sure you pick them up and feel their weight before you make your purchase.

A long blade will speed up cutting as you can cut more in a single sweep of the trimmer. It's also crucial that the hedge trimmer is easy to use, as you will be cutting for a long time.

If you have a tall hedge that needs cutting frequently it might be worth investing in a long-reach hedge trimmer, so you can cut the tops without the risk of climbing a ladder.

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Latest hedge trimmers on test

Here are some of the cordless hedge trimmers we've recently tested.

Ryobi RY18HTX60A-0

Ryobi hedge trimmer

The cordless Ryobi RY18HTX60A-0 is a lightweight hedge trimmer with a hedge-sweep attachment for removing clippings while you cut.

Here are the specs:

  • 60cm blade length
  • 2.6cm tooth width
  • 2.5kg in weight

Read the full Ryobi RY18HTX60A-0 review to discover what we made of this hedge trimmer.

Stihl HSA 66 Set

Stihl hedge trimmer

This cordless Stihl HSA 66 hedge trimmer is one of the pricier models we tested. Stihl are big players in the garden machinery market and this hedge trimmer is a powerful model.

Here are the specs:

  • 50cm blade length
  • 3cm tooth width
  • 3.1kg in weight

See what we made of this hedge trimmer by reading the full Stihl HSA 66 Set review.

Gtech HT50

Gtech hedge trimmer

The Gtech HT50 is a cordless pole hedge trimmer with a long reach, designed for reaching the tops of tall hedges.

Here are the specs:

  • 51cm blade length
  • 2.5cm tooth width
  • 2.9kg in weight

Read the full Gtech HT50 review to find out if it was one of our Best Buys.

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