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10 Mar 2021

UPDATE: Multiple GoodHome Colenso fan heaters recalled because of safety risk

Customers have been urged to return the faulty heaters due to fire and electric shock risks
GoodHome Colenso FH-115

Update (10 March 2021)

The GoodHome Colenso FH-715 has also been recalled due to serious faults, making it the second heater to be recalled by the GoodHome brand, after the FH-115.

This latest GoodHome heater is being recalled due to serious safety issues arising from risks of electric shocks and fires - it was sold between September 2020 and January 2021.

The product's full name, the GoodHome Colenso FH-715 2000W Oscillating Fan heater (barcode: 5059340046938), should be returned to B&Q and Screwfix stores via the methods we've shared below in our February story.

The February recall notice didn't cover the FH-715, though Kingfisher, owners of the B&Q, Screwfix and GoodHome brands, told us that investigations into its own products were ongoing after it revealed dangerous faults in its FH-115 heaters.


Original news story (19 February 2021)

The GoodHome Colenso FH-115, a portable fan heater sold by B&Q and Screwfix, has been the subject of a recall due to some models having defects that represent a potential safety risk.

The product was offered for sale between 7 September 2020 and 15 January 2021.

Owners of the GoodHome Colenso FH-115 have been urged to return their heaters for a refund or dispose of them at a local recycling centre.

GoodHome is a Kingfisher brand, the company that owns B&Q and Screwfix.

If you're affected by this, read our guide: What are my rights if there's a safety warning or product recall?

What's the issue with the recalled heaters?

The product recall notice says that some heaters have shown 'excessive heat build-up, leading to scorching or deformation of the heater'. It acknowledges that this is potentially a serious risk for owners of faulty heaters.

If you own an FH-115 heater, there is no way of knowing whether or not your heater is faulty before using it. For this reason, no FH-115 heater should be used, and the heater can no longer be purchased.

Screwfix claims that the FH-115 is the only GoodHome heater affected and that owners of different GoodHome heater models do not need to return or dispose of their heaters.

Update: 10 March 2021. After the FH-715 was also recalled, it is no longer the case that only the FH-115 is affected.

What has the manufacturer said?

B&Q and Screwfix logos

In response to our request to comment, a Kingfisher spokesperson told us:

'Customer safety is of paramount importance to us and we take product recalls very seriously, proactively seeking to inform customers who have purchased a recalled product, as soon as possible.

'Due to the current lockdown situation, whilst customers have been asked to stop using the heaters immediately, arrangements for return and refunds are in line with government lockdown and social distancing guidelines.

'No fires or injuries have been reported. We continue to investigate the issue identified.'

Kingfisher's spokesperson has told us that Screwfix and B&Q have directly contacted customers who have purchased these heaters and are promoting recall notices in stores.

Kingfisher didn't provide any additional comment on how many potentially dangerous FH-115 heaters are in UK homes. A recall notice claims that 'a very small' number of products have been identified as defective.

What do I do if I own the GoodHome Colenso FH-115?

Colenso FH-115

If you are an FH-115 owner, you should stop using it.

  • Screwfixcustomers are encouraged to email online@screwfix.com with “SKU 441JK” in the subject line of the email to pursue a refund. If you're unable to do this, you can call 03330 112112 or visit your nearest Screwfix shop. If you paid with cash, you'll need to visit the store for a refund.
  • B&Qcustomers have been encouraged to return the product for a refund at their nearest store, or call its UK number at 0300 303 4482.
  • If you bought this heater for somebody else, you should let them know about this as soon as possible.

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