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Updated: 10 Jan 2022

Pushchairs, strollers and double buggies with big shopping baskets

Spacious storage is very useful for stashing essential items
Quinny Hubb Mono

A pushchair with a decent shopping basket to store baby essentials - snacks, toys, wipes, muslins and a raincover - can be a lifesaver when heading out with your baby.

Hanging heavy bags of shopping from the pushchair handles can be dangerous, and no one wants to be weighed down with a heavy changing bag or rucksack if you need to pick up essential supplies while you're out.

In fact, a 2019 survey carried out by Which? found that nearly a quarter of parents (24%) rated a spacious basket as an essential when shopping for a pushchair.*

Read on to find out our pick of the pushchairs that provide good storage options for your shopping or baby essentials, plus three models to avoid if a decent basket is an essential feature.

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Pushchairs with good storage options

Bugaboo Donkey2 and Donkey3, £1,039

Both versions of this popular convertible single-to-double Bugaboo pushchair have a 10kg capacity in the shopping basket at the base of the chassis.

And when set up as a single pushchair, the attachment points for the second seat are used for an extra storage pannier on the side, which can hold around 5kg of shopping or baby essentials.

The Bugaboo Donkey3 is an update to the Donkey2, with an increased weight capacity in the seat so children up to 22kg can sit in it - that's around four or five years old.

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Silver Cross Pioneer, £675

Silver Cross Pioneer

The basket on the Pioneer is extremely spacious, although it's worth noting that the manufacturer has given it a 5kg weight capacity.

This means it's great for holding light but bulky items, such as nappies, a change of clothes or spare muslins, but you need to be careful if you're loading it up with tins of formula milk.

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iCandy Lime, £750

iCandy Lime

iCandy pushchairs often have decent storage options, and the Lime is no different, with a basket that can hold 10kg of items and is easy to access, even when the seat is fully reclined.

However, it's worth mentioning that if you have an older child standing on the built-in buggy board, you'll have to watch out for things sticking out of the basket that could limit the space for your child to stand.

The seat on the Lime can convert into a carrycot format with a lie-flat surface to make it suitable from birth.

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Stokke Xplory 6, £900

Stokke Xplory 6

The Xplory 6 from Stokke is unique as the basket, is actually in the form of a removable bag that you can simply lift out and take with you.

It has a weight limit of 5kg, which isn't as big as some, but you'll be saving time transferring items from pushchair to home, so you're winning on convenience.

It's also secure, so you won't need to worry about items falling out when going up and down kerbs.

Quinny Hubb Mono, £630

The Quinny Hubb Mono is a travel system pushchair that has an enormous 10kg-capacity shopping basket. The basket dimensions almost match the width and depth of the chassis, and the basket has great access so you can retrieve items easily.

You can also purchase the Quinny XXL Shopping Basket (around £70), which clips onto part of the integrated basket to provide even more space for shopping.

But at 14.6kg in weight, what did our panel of parents and experts think of the Hubb Mono when it came to folding and transporting this pushchair?

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Pushchairs that aren't so great for storage

The following pushchairs may be small, lightweight or easy to steer, but if decent storage is a deal-breaker for you, they're best avoided.

GB Pockit Air

GB Pockit Air

This recently tested model claims to hold 5kg of items, but when we sent it to the lab, we couldn't fit our standard selection of 5kg of items inside.

Find out more on how we test pushchair shopping basket capacity below.

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Quinny Yezz

Quinny Yezz

This ultra-lightweight stroller is ideal if you're heading on holiday or away on a trip (after the coronavirus lockdown has ended), as it's very compact.

However, it has no basket - just a pocket for a phone or wallet - and no handles to hang shopping bags off.

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Phil & Ted's Dash Inline Double

This convertible single-to-double pushchair is pretty good when set up as a single, and has an impressive 10kg-capacity shopping basket.

But when set up as a double, you lose the use of the shopping basket because the position of the second seat means your child's legs rest in the basket, so you have less space for items.

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Pushchair storage shopping tips

If you're shopping for a buggy, it's worth considering these aspects if you're likely to take your pushchair out when shopping:

  • Measure your changing bag (if you already own one) to check it will fit in the basket.
  • If it won't, check whether the pushchair has clip-on points for you to attach your bag to the handlebar, and that the pushchair can withstand the weight of the bag without it tipping backwards.
  • Check to see if any chassis bars might block access to the basket. Likewise, recline the seat fully to see if it makes it difficult to reach into the basket.
  • Check whether the basket has a low back or front wall, as it could mean that items fall out when tackling kerbs.

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How does Which? test shopping basket storage?

When we send pushchairs to our lab for testing, we get our experts to test them with the maximum weight permitted in the basket. This is to check whether the basket might drag on the floor or when going up kerbs.

We also check whether a basket can actually hold items that equate to the claimed weight limit.

So for a pushchair that claims to offer 5kg of storage, our lab experts put a 4-pint bottle of milk, a 1kg box of washing powder, 500 ml bottle of water, one packet of Bourbon cream biscuits and a pack of Pampers New Baby nappies into the basket.

We've found that some pushchairs might have a certain claimed weight limit, but in reality you can't fit very much in them.

Experts and parents also assess whether the walls of the basket are so low that items might fall out when tipping your pushchair onto a kerb or going over bumpy ground.

To find out more interesting testing facts, read our guide on how we test pushchairs.

*Survey conducted on 3,862 parents with a child under 12 years old.