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4 Jun 2022

Silentnight Studio Gel vs Eve Premium Foam vs SleepSoul Wish 3000: which mattress is the best?

We've recently tested a fresh batch of mattresses to see if they offer adequate support

If you're shopping for a new mattress, you'll want one that provides plenty of support after a tiring day. We've just had a selection of mattresses return from the Which? test lab, but are any of them worthy of a Best Buy recommendation?

The best mattresses we've tested remain supportive whatever position you sleep in. But, without consulting our expert reviews first, you run the risk of buying a mattress that sags dramatically over time. 

Battling it out in our latest round of tests are mattresses from Silentnight, Eve and SleepSoul – keep scrolling for more details. Plus, we explain what sets our expert mattress reviews apart.

Best mattresses - whatever your budget, find out which mattresses will guarantee a good night's sleep

Latest mattresses in the Which? test lab

Silentnight Studio by Silentnight Gel (£499) – for twisters and turners

Silentnight studio gel double mattress

The Silentnight Studio is a cheaper-than-average pocket spring double mattress.

This mattress has a gel-infused layer that sits on top of a pocket-spring core. The top layer is comprised of 3cm of high resilient polyurethane foam, which is interspersed with thin layers of polyester. According to the manufacturer, the mattress is able to respond to your body as you sleep, making it well-suited for twisters and turners.

If you opt for this mattress, it'll arrive at your front door rolled up in a box – which is handy if you have to work your way through a narrow corridor before you can get it set up. The mattress weighs around 25kg and has four grip handles to help with moving it around.

Note that this mattress doesn't feature a removable cover, so do your best to avoid spills. Find out more about how to clean a mattress.

To see how we rate the firmness of this double mattress, read our full Silentnight Studio by Silentnight Gel review.

Eve The Premium Foam mattress (£948) – bed-in-a-box from a big-name brand

Eve The Premium Foam mattress

This is the updated version of the Eve the Premium Foam mattress, which we tested back in 2019.

The latest mattress features an 18.5cm foam core, which sits right underneath a 3cm layer of foam, plus two further layers of visco foam (2cm and 3cm) with different densities. It weighs 30kg and should be rotated every so often to keep it in good condition.

If you accidentally spill something on this mattress, you can remove the polyester cover and give it a wash.

This Eve mattress comes with one of the longest sleep trials available – you'll have a full 365 days to try it out, after which you can keep it or send it back for a full refund. It also comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Eve describes this mattress as medium in terms of firmness, but do our tests agree? Read our Eve The Premium Foam mattress review to find out.

Sleepsoul Wish3000 Series Pocket Cool Gel (£530) – a single-sided mattress with a large pocket spring core

Sleepsoul Wish3000 Series Pocket Cool Gel

This 32kg mattress from Sleepsoul is described by the brand as 'medium to firm.' We've spotted it of sale at a discounted price.

The Sleepsoul Wish3000 has a large 25.5cm pocket spring core combined layers of foam including 2cm of foam and two viscoelastic layers on top at 1.5cm each.

As this is a single-sided mattress, you won't need to turn it over to keep it in top condition. However, to keep it in the best condition you'll need to rotate it from head to toe every so often. You can't remove the polyester cover, so you'll have to spot clean stains.

This mattress comes bundled with a 10-year guarantee. If you buy it through MattressOnline, the company will plant a tree alongside your order to offset its CO2 footprint.

To see if this mattress is worthy of our Which? Best Buy recommendation, read our Sleepsoul Wish3000 Series Pocket Cool Gel review.

Other recently-reviewed mattresses

Also included in our latest round of tests were the following mattresses:

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Which? mattress tests are unique

To help you choose the perfect mattress, we run a series of tests that focus in on the features that matter the most: body support, durability and ease of use.

The best mattresses we've tested will keep your spine in the same shape lying down as when you're standing up. In fact, we measure the shape of a person's body at 36 different points when standing, and then when lying on their back on the mattresses we're reviewing, as well as checking which parts sink into a mattress.

To measure how durable a mattress is, we run heavy barrels back and forth across each mattress thousands of times, to simulate approximately 10 years of use. We then recheck the mattress for body support. The best will not sag much or soften, so you can be sure they'll remain supportive.

If your mattress isn't the only part of your bedding that needs upgrading, see our advice on the best duvets and the best pillows