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The 50p celebrates 50 years: discover the rarest 50p coins

The Royal Mint has released a new set of commemorative 50p pieces to celebrate the coin's 50th anniversary. Which? explores the new limited editions and which coins are the rarest.

Rare coins: the 15 most valuable coins of 2018

Find out the most valuable rare coins of the year - including the Kew Gardens 50p. Do you have any in your spare change?

Autumn Budget 2018: new Brexit 50p coin to be released

A commemorative 50p coin will be released next year to mark Britain's exit from the European Union, as announced in today's Budget Red Book.

Rare coins: 2.6m collectible 10p coins being released this month

The Royal Mint is releasing 2.6m more rare 10p coins into circulation - we reveal where to find them and which ones are the most popular

Rare Kew Gardens 50p coin sells for £400: do you have one at home?

A silver Kew Gardens 50p sold for £400 at a Royal Mint coin auction last month, find out if you could have a rare and valuable 50p coin at home.

Is this rare 50p more valuable than the Kew Gardens coin?

The Kew Gardens 50p is the rarest designs in circulation - but the withdrawn 1992-1993 EC coin has an even lower mintage. How valuable could it be?

Could you spot the rarest 50p coins in the Olympics series?

The Olympic 50p coins, released to mark the 2012 London Games, have become sought-after collectors' items. Find out which design is most valuable.

Over 169m ’round pounds’ still in circulation: how to spot a rare £1 coin

Over 169m old £1 coins are still out there, despite no longer being legal tender. Which? explains how to trade them in, and which designs are valuable.

Could this rare £5 note be worth £50,000?

Four banknotes engraved with Harry Kane's face have been released into circulation - and the lucky person who finds one could be in for a windfall.

Revealed: the rarest 50p coins of 2018

The Royal Mint has revealed which 50p coins from 2017 have the lowest mintage figures - so do you have one of these rare coins in your change?

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