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Are you still following me?

Which? research finds that many consumers are not comfortable with the data collection practices used by Facebook to target advertising at them. They do not feel that the platform is transparent about the collection of their data and few believe that they have given informed consent for the practices used.

Following on from our qualitative research Are you following me?, we use a large survey of 1,700 Facebook users to explore their understanding of Facebook’s data collection methods and their attitudes towards these methods. 

The research findings indicate that consumers would feel less disempowered if Facebook were required to provide a clear choice to users over whether their personal data is collected for use in targeted advertising, a so-called ‘Choice Requirement Remedy’. Also, most Facebook users would prefer to be able to give more granular consent to specific types of data collection.

By providing Facebook with an opportunity to improve the transparency of its data collection practices and obtain clear, informed consent, the implementation of a choice requirement remedy could offer an opportunity to boost consumers’ trust in the platform, as well as reducing consumer detriment.

Are you still following me? (report) 477 Kb | 29 Sep 2021