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Updated: 19 Nov 2021

Should you buy an Ergobaby baby carrier?

Looking for an Ergobaby baby carrier? The brand promises to provide a range of carriers that will give you the freedom to enjoy life's adventures. Find out all about them in our handy guide
Hannah Fox

Ergobaby was founded in 2002 by Karin Frost, a mother with a background in design. 

The company's headquarters are in Los Angeles and its products are sold in the United States and more than 50 countries internationally.

As well as baby carriers and a sling, the company makes nursing pillows, sleep swaddle-wraps and change bags.

Head to our Ergobaby carrier reviews to find out which ones score highest.

What is a typical Ergobaby carrier like?

Ergobaby makes soft structured carriers (SSC), which often feature a sturdy waist belt and straps that click together. They also make a soft fabric sling – the Aura – which was launched at the end of 2017.

In total, the company manufactures more than 30 carriers in five different styles or categories, and they’re designed to help parents carry their baby from birth up to the age of three.

Some carriers will require you to buy an additional infant insert if you want to use it with a newborn.

The carriers and sling come in a range of patterns and colours, with some ‘limited edition’ patterns. They’re also available in a mesh-style fabric, which Ergobaby claims is breathable and will keep you cooler and more comfortable as you carry your little one in hot weather.

Ergobaby even has a doll-sized version of its carrier, so older children can carry their toy or teddy and match their parent.

How much does an Ergobaby carrier usually cost?

Ergobaby baby carriers sit at the upper end of the market, ranging from £80 to £220.

The Aura wrap costs around £50.

Ergobaby carriers: the Which? verdict

If you're thinking of buying an Ergobaby carrier, you can head to our Ergobaby baby carrier reviews to find out which are worth buying.

Only logged-in Which? members can view our expert verdicts. If you're not yet already a member, join Which? to get instant access to these reviews and all our other thousands of independent reviews. 

How we test Ergobaby carriers

Our reviews answer important questions about baby slings and baby carriers:

  • Is the carrier or sling safe, and will it last? Is it durable?
  • How comfortable is it for my baby and will it be comfortable for me?
  • How easy is it to get on and off?
  • What are the instructions like? Can you understand them?
  • Should I buy it?   

When looking at durability, we use two test dummies: an adult test dummy and a 15kg baby test dummy. We then jolt them up and down for around 50,000 cycles to check the carrier is secure, the baby doesn't fall out and things like stitching around the straps doesn't start to come apart.

We check how safe the baby carrier is by looking out for choking hazards and trailing cords, and investigating whether the instructions contain all the relevant safety advice.

We also check how comfortable the carrier is for both you and your baby, using ergonomic experts to assess each model. They look at what position it holds your baby’s legs and hips in (ideally they should be in a 'frog' or 'M' position) and also how supportive the carrier is for the head, back and spine.

We have a user panel of parents who tell us how easy the carrier is to put on, put their baby into and adjust if needed and whether the instructions that come with the carrier are clear or confusing.

After combining the scores for the different test areas, we come up with a final score, which excludes price. A baby carrier needs to score 80% or more to be a Best Buy.

Where can you buy Ergobaby carriers?

It’s possible to buy Ergobaby carriers direct from the Ergobaby website, as well as other retailers such as John Lewis and independent baby stores.

Watch out for fake Ergobaby carriers. It being a popular brand, there’s a higher risk of them being reproduced and sold illegally (usually online).

Follow our tips on how to spot a fake baby carrier or sling.

How to contact Ergobaby

If you have any questions and would like to contact the manufacturer, you can contact it through its  Ergobaby website, email customersupport@ergobaby.co.uk or call 020 3318 6204.

Administrative postal address – UK

Office #12 - Sterling Suite, Hersham Place Technology Park, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 4RZ