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Baby & child.

12 July 2021

How to tie a baby sling

Follow our video guide on how to tie a sling wrap made from one long piece of material
Hannah Fox
Baby Sling Green

There are lots of different types of fabric slings available. Some of the most common are those made from a single piece of material which you wrap around yourself to form pockets to support your baby as you carry him or her.

However, it's vital that you tie the sling correctly to ensure that it's secure for your baby and comfortable for you both.

The video below provides instructions for tying a fabric sling made from one long piece of material. Sling brands and models that can use this method of tying include Ergobaby Aura and Moby Evolution Wrap.

How to tie a baby sling

  1. Find the middle of your sling – many have a label or marker to help with this.
  2. Place in the centre of your torso and wrap the material around to your back.
  3. Cross the two ends of the material over at the back.
  4. Pull up each end of the wrap over your shoulders, ensuring the material is spread evenly across the tops of your shoulders.
  5. Thread the two ends of the material behind the part of the wrap that’s sitting across your stomach.
  6. Cross the ends over and wrap around your back again before tying on your front.
  7. Identify the part of the wrap which is forming the inside panel, nearest to your chest.
  8. Pick up your baby, resting him or her on the opposite shoulder to this inside panel.
  9. Place one of their legs through the material panel, then pull the material up and over the bottom, ensuring it’s pulled right up the thigh to the knees.
  10. Place their other leg through the other material panel and repeat the process.
  11. Your baby’s legs should form an ‘M’ shape.
  12. Thread both your baby’s legs through the horizontal bit of wrap, then pull it up and over their back.
  13. Make sure the material is pulled across so their legs are still forming an ‘M’ shape.
  14. If your baby can't support her own head, turn her head to the side and pull some of the sling material over part of her head for support. Do not completely cover their head and ensure there’s space for adequate airflow.
  15. Check you’ve followed the T.I.C.K.S.guidance:
  • T: Tight
  • I: In view at all times
  • C: Close enough to kiss
  • K: Keep chin off the chest
  • S: Supported back

Now you’re ready to go!