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6 October 2021

Top five baby slings for 2021

Compare the latest and best baby slings to keep your baby and yourself comfortable, safe and supported.
Hannah Fox

If you're interested in babywearing and think a baby sling would be a useful way to carry your baby, you're going to want to make sure it's comfortable for both of you, and not be so complicated to put on that you're left tied up in knots.

To help make it easier to choose, we've picked out the top five slings from our recent reviews. They should be comfortable for you, supportive for your baby, durable, and easy to get on and off. They should also be suitable for different body shapes and have multiple carry options.

Best baby slings to buy

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  • 89%

    This sling is made from a lightweight, breathable fabric that is comfortable to wear and can be flexed to fit a range of body shapes. It supports your baby well, but takes a bit of practice to fit correctly to ensure both baby and wearer are comfortable.

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  • 84%

    This fabric sling is tied round you to create a pouch for your baby to sit in. It's suitable from birth and the manufacturer says you can comfortably carry your baby in it until they're about 9kg. We asked a panel of parents to tell us what they think about tying and carrying their baby in this fabric sling. Read our review to find out their thoughts.

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  • 83%

    This 100% cotton, one-size-fits-all Best Buy sling offers a good amount of support for your newborn and keeps them cosy and close. It’s comfortable to wear in the front carrying position and unlike some slings it can be washed and tumble dried for quick cleaning.

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  • 81%

    This sling works well to keep your baby close and supported, but the simplicity of the design means the onus is on you to position your child correctly and get the tension right. It’s light, compact and the baby’s weight is well distributed to make it comfortable to wear, but you’ll probably need to practise fitting it a few times to get it right.

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  • 78%

    This wrap sling is made of lightweight fabric that means you can carry your baby close to your body. The manufacturer claims this sling is easy and ideal for beginners. We tested it to find out whether it holds your baby in an ergonomic position, is safe and secure, and is comfortable for both you and your baby. Read our full review to discover how it did.

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Last updated September 2021. 

Not found the sling you're looking for? Browse all our slings and carrier reviews.

How to buy the best sling

When looking for a new sling, the first thing you'll want to think about is what type you'd like. The three main types are wrap slings, ring slings and pouch slings.

Wrap slings

These are made from a piece of stretchy, jersey-type fabric that you tie round your body securely to create a snug pouch of material, then you slide your baby into the sling so he or she rests against your chest. They're a good option for newborn babies, as the stretchy material has enough give while still being supportive for little ones. Some wrap slings can be a little confusing to tie at first, so you'll probably want to read the instructions or look at some videos online to make sure you're doing it correctly.

Ring slings

These slings are fixed in place by threading the fabric through two rings. You can also tighten them by pulling the pieces of fabric further through the ring.

Pouch slings

These tend to sit across one shoulder, and then your baby can sit in the pouch either on your front or back.

For out more about each of the different types of sling.

Which? baby sling reviews

The tests for our baby slings are based on three key elements: safety and durability, comfort, and user trials. We test to British standards and use highly experienced ergonomists to check a sling is holding your baby in a the correct position, and that it's not going to be uncomfortable for you. Our durability tests include strapping each sling to a test dummy and loading it with a 15kg weight to mimic the weight of your child, then jolting the sling up and down 50,000 time to check it remains secure. We also check for trailing cords and choking hazards, and take a look at the sling instructions to see how easy it would be for someone to follow them.

Our reviews are designed to answer questions such as:

  • is the sling or carrier safe and durable?
  • is it comfortable for my baby and me?
  • is it easy to get on and off?
  • how clear are the instructions?
  • should I buy it?

Compare our baby slings reviews to discover the best and worst models. If you're not yet a member, try Which? to access these reviews and more.