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Top five best double ovens for 2020

By Jane Darling

Our pick of the five best double ovens – including cheap, spacious and built-under ovens that cook to perfection.

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A double oven will expand your cooking options, giving you the convenience of having multiple dishes on the go at the same time. The best ones heat up quickly and cook evenly, all while being easy to use and clean – making dinner time a delight.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite double ovens, picking out the models that did particularly well in our tough cooking tests. Whether you want the best money can buy – or just the best value – our top five picks will help you find the right double oven for your kitchen.

Find the best double oven

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Best double built-in oven


It may cost an arm and a leg, but this double oven is one of the best we've ever come across. It has two accurate ovens that are super-speedy to heat up, plus two outstanding grills. On top of this, the ovens are spacious and clean themselves. It ticks all the right boxes.

Excellent runner-up


If the price of our top-scoring double oven makes your eyes water, this oven is a splendid lower-cost alternative. Both ovens stick closely to the correct temperature, and we made some outstanding shortbread in the larger multifunction oven. It's easy to use, and both grills are better than average.

Best double built-under


This built-under oven has two ovens and two grills that are all excellent. The ovens are quick to heat up and accurate, and we made lovely shortbread and a well-risen sponge cake in the larger one. A pair of telescopic runners is useful for moving hot, heavy dishes out of the oven.

Best budget built-in


Full-sized double built-in ovens don't come much cheaper than this so, if you need two ovens but the budget is tight, this Hotpoint is worth a look. The ovens are accurate and the top one is quick to heat and gives good cooking results.

Best budget built-under


You get two great grills with this modestly priced built-under oven. The ovens aren't up there with the best, but are pretty good, heating up quickly to the right temperature and cooking well.

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How to choose the best double oven

If you're considering buying a double oven, it's usually because you regularly cook at two temperatures simultaneously, or you want to use the grill at the same time as using the oven.

With most double built-in ovens, you'll get a small top oven that cooks conventionally using top and bottom heat. Underneath will be a larger fan or multifunction oven. Bear in mind that this larger oven often won't have as much space as a standard single oven.

Sometimes you'll get a grill in both ovens. And occasionally we come across ovens that have a self-cleaning pyrolytic function or catalytic liners in both ovens, but often these are only found in the larger oven. It's worth checking up on these details before you buy.

Do you really need a double oven?

It's possible to buy a single oven that converts into two oven cavities when you insert a divider.

If it's only on the odd occasion that you need to cook at two temperatures simultaneously, then this is an option to consider. You get the advantage of a large single oven, but the ability to make it a double, when needed.

Samsung has led the way in making ovens with dividers. Head to our Samsung oven reviews to see if any have excelled and also fit your budget.

Head straight to our double built-in oven reviews.

Built-in vs built-under double ovens

As their name suggests, built-in ovens are designed to be integrated into your kitchen units, for a seamless look. Full-sized double built in ovens tend to be quite large and may not fit under a counter – opt for this type only if you have the space for a full height column, say.  

Built-under ovens are designed to fit in beneath your kitchen work surface, so are better for kitchens with limited space. Inevitably you get less cooking room in each oven – for example, you may not be able to fit in something as large as a turkey in either – so it's worth making sure that it will definitely be enough for you.

There are fewer built-under models to choose from. Use our double built-under oven reviews to see which ones have done well in our tests.

If you're still not certain what size of oven will be best for you, check out our size comparisons of all the different types of oven, plus lots more buying advice, at how to buy the best oven


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