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Which coffee machine brand?

Top coffee machine brands for 2019

By Manette Kaisershot

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We help you to pick the best coffee machine brand with insights gained from our years of testing - and coffee machine owner's views.

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In 2017 we asked more than 1,500 coffee machine owners about their machines to find out which brands will deliver a tasty morning brew for years to come - and the ones to avoid.

Some coffee machine brands are much more likely to break down early. Others might last, but will produce mediocre coffee compared to rivals.

We've pulled together our expert insight into different coffee machine brands to help you find a brand that won't let you down. Just want to know which are the best coffee machines for your budget? Head straight to our coffee machine reviews

Coffee machine brands rated

The combined results from our survey of coffee machine owners and our years of testing coffee machines can help guide you to the brands that produce the best and most reliable coffee machines.

For each brand we'll tell you:

  • Average test score – how good each brand's machines are, based on coffee machines tested between 2010 and 2017.
  • How reliable it is – we ask coffee machine owners how and when their machines broke so we can estimate the average life expectancy for each brand’s machines.
  • How owners rate it – we ask owners how happy they are with their coffee machine and if they would recommend the brand to a friend.
  • Our overall verdict – we sum up everything we know about this brand and give it an overall verdict.

We have ratings for all the major coffee machine brands, including DeLonghi, Krups, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, and Tassimo. Here's a preview of the best and worst brand results:

Only logged-in Which? members can see which brands came out on top in the table below. If you're not yet a member, sign up and join Which? for access to this and all our other reviews.

Coffee machine brands rated
Preview: coffee machine brands rated
Brand Average score achieved in our coffee machine tests How reliable this brand's coffee machines are How owners rate this brand Overview of our verdict
78% 73% Our top pick: This brand's coffee machines tied for top place for customer satisfaction. They also performs extremely well in our test, racking up an impressive amount of Best Buys compared to other brands.
71% 73% This brand has a great average test score and its machines are reliable, with customers also rating them very highly. Many of its coffee machines we've tested have been named Best Buys, so it's definitely one to consider if you're looking for a new coffee machine.
78% 72% The majority of machines we've tested from this brand have done so well that we have named them Best Buys. You can rely on this brand to make a great coffee.
71% 70% It's rare to come across a bad coffee machine from this brand, it's another one with an impressive average test score. It also achieves a good customer score, as owners are satisfied and would recommend it to a friend.
65% 70% Coffee machines we've tested from this brand don't tend to score quite well enough to be Best Buys, but it's products are reliable.
81% 68% This brand's machines impress in our tests and get full marks for reliability, too. You can trust these machines to keep working for you.
72% 67% This brand is a bit hit or miss; some machines score very well and some fail to impress. Its coffee machines aren't the most reliable out there either.
71% 67% This brand's coffee machines score quite well in our tests, but have yet to earn any Best Buys. Despite this they are fairly reliable and have a decent customer satisfaction score.
69% 66% None of this brand's coffee machines have quite made the grade as Best Buys, but they aren't bad, and are extremely reliable - it has the lowest percentages of faults according to our survey.
73% 59% One to avoid: While this brand's machines on average do quite well in our tests, our reliability survey revealed that they are more likely to go wrong than other brands. It had the highest fault rate of all the coffee machine brands listed here.
Table notes
Reliability rating and customer score based on feedback from 1,549 Which? members who own coffee machines, surveyed in May 2017.
Average test scores based on all coffee machines tested since July 2010 and may no longer be available to purchase.


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Can't see a particular brand? We couldn't report on all the coffee brands as we didn't get enough responses from owners, but for reviews of coffee machines from brands such as FrancisFrancis, Jura, KitchenAid, Sage and Smeg head to our coffee machine reviews.

Choosing the best brand of coffee machine

As the table above shows, the most reliable coffee machines don't necessarily make the best coffee, while some brilliant coffee makers don't have the staying power you might expect. 

Luckily there are a few brands that fall between these two extremes - choosing from these should mean a good lifetime for your machine and a top-notch morning brew.

If it's consistency you're after, a capsule coffee machine could be a good bet. However, while some capsule brands consistently produce a good brew, others have poor reliability scores.

Bean-to-cup and ground coffee machines may need a bit more time investment to get the best out of them, but the best brands get good customer scores and do well in our tests too, and they all get a respectable four stars for reliability.

For more advice on choosing the right type for you, see our coffee machine buying guide.

Are coffee machines generally reliable?

40% of those we surveyed would expect their coffee machine to last for five years, while a further 20% expect a decade's worth of coffee before it gives up the ghost. 

92% of  machines from the best coffee machine brand remain fault free for at least five years. In comparison, the least reliable coffee machine brand has a fault rate of nearly 60% at five years.

You can see how coffee machines compare overall to other household appliances below:

Coffee machines’ reliability is roughly on par with other small appliances like toasters and irons. 80% were still working after five years, so they are relatively dependable, but choosing from one of the more reliable brands will increase your chances of getting a long-lasting machine.

Most common coffee machine problems

As part of our research, we asked coffee machine owners to tell us what problems they had experienced with their coffee machines. Below you can see the most common faults that crop up:

  • 28% - leaking or pouring problems
  • 23% - limescale
  • 17% - machine stopped working / complete failure

Leaking problems include things like dripping from the portafilter or water leaking from under your coffee machine. Issues with limescale range from flakes of limescale ending up in your coffee to limescale blocking bits of your coffee machine.

Tips for preventing coffee machine problems

It's a bore, but following the manufacturer's recommendations on how often you clean and descale your machine will help to prolong its life, especially if you live in a hard-water area.

Use our handy guide to cleaning your coffee machine to help you get started.